The 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT has just been announced, with a host of upgrade across nearly every aspect of the bike, it's shaping up to be Yamahas trophy Sports Touring bike....

Five years after the launch of the original model, Yamaha has revised the multi-role motorcycle. Yamaha say the new Tracer 9 GT is lighter, more powerful, supremely versatile and now has the most sophisticated technology ever on a Yamaha Sport Touring motorcycle.

the 2021 model has been completely revised to suit the technology of the Yamaha family.

Powering the new Yamaha Tracer 9 GT is a completely redesigned 890cc CP3 crossplane technology engine that is lighter, more powerful and more advanced than the original powerplant. Fully EU5-compliant, the new inline 3-cylinder engine features an increased capacity of 890cc thanks to a 3mm enlargement in the bore diameter, and this significant cc boost contributes towards a 7% increase in torque output. This much higher torque output of 9.5kg-m / 93 Nm is produced at 7000rpm – 1500rpm lower down the rev range then previously for better acceleration and rapid overtaking.

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As well as this marked increase in linear torque, the power output of the larger capacity 890cc engine is increased to 119hp at 10,000rpm, 4hp more than previously. Despite its increase in capacity, it actually weighs 1700g less than the outgoing design, which Yamaha say contributes towards the new bike’s enhanced handling agility and versatility.

The new 890cc engine features a large capacity and more power than last years model.

Yamaha and KYB have jointly developed the Tracer 9 GT’s electronically-controlled semi-active suspension system that provides riding comfort combined with a precise feel from the road. Officially known as the KYB Actimatic Damper System (KADS), KYB say that this highly advanced suspension generates a much wider range of damping force than conventional suspension, and is able to respond instantly to varying riding conditions in order to achieve optimum handling performance.

This use of this semi-active suspension system has been made possible by the bike’s new IMU which works together with the ECU as well as the Hydraulic Unit (HU) and Suspension Control Unit (SCU) to calculate the optimum suspension settings for any given riding situation: fast or slow, wet or dry, smooth or bumpy, solo or two-up.

The advantage of the solenoid system is that it is able to make extremely fast adjustments to damping settings, and it can handle both minor and major changes. By constantly analysing and computing the 6-axis data, the IMU can signal the ECU to adjust damping settings in order to maintain chassis stability at all speeds, and by doing so the KADS supplements the rider’s skills to ensure a more rewarding and enjoyable Sport Touring experience.

Yamaha and KYB have worked together to create a shock that works great with the 2021 Tracer 9 GT

Yamaha Say the Tracer 9 GT’s all-new CF die-cast Deltabox chassis has been designed to give ultimate sports versatility with excellent comfort. Another important improvement for 2021 is the repositioning of the new engine, which is now mounted in a more upright angle of 52.3º, compared to 47.5º on the previous model.

These changes have been claimed to improve the overall balance of the lightweight CF die-cast chassis to give a higher degree of surface feedback from the front end, as well as a greater feeling of front end traction in corners.


The Tracer 9 GT is equipped with a completely redesigned lightweight aluminium swingarm that pivots inside the frame’s outer structure in contrast to the previous model’s external pivot points. Although externally similar in appearance to the design used on the 2021 MT-09, the Tracer 9 GT swingarm is actually 60mm longer, giving a 1500mm wheelbase – the same as the previous Tracer 900.

The hardshell cargo boxes will be fitted as standard

Originally developed for the R1 and never previously available in the Yamaha Sport Touring category, Yamaha’s 6-axis IMU (Inertial Measurement Unit) constantly measures Tracer 9 GT’s acceleration in the forward-backward; up-down and left-right directions – as well as the angular velocity in the machine’s pitch, roll and yaw directions.


Since its introduction on the Yamaha  YZF-R1 in 2015, Yamaha say the 6-axis IMU has been further developed, and the unit featured on the new Tracer 9 GT is now 50% smaller and 40% lighter. This high-tech IMU device constantly sends data to the ECU which computes all the data in real time, and effectively governs the new Tracer’s Traction Control System (TCS) as well as its Slide Control System (SCS), front wheel LIFt control system (LIF) and Brake Control system (BC).


The 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT is sporting dual TFT dashes

To keep the whole system simple to operate there are three mode settings available for the Yamaha Tracer 9 GT rider. In Mode 1 the TCS, SCS and LIF are all pre-set to level 1, this being the lowest intervention level that is designed to accommodate sporty and aggressive riding. When Mode 2 is selected the TCS, SCS and LIF are all pre-set at level 2, which is moderate intervention that suits a wide variety of different conditions.

Finally, Mode 3 is the manual setting option that enables the rider to select any combination from the 3 TCS settings, 3 SCS settings and off, and 3 LIF settings and off, giving a potential 48 different combinations. Combined with this are four running modes to changes the way the engine delivers the power depending on the riding conditions.

The Tracer 9 GT is now equipped as standard with a Cruise Control that’s similar to the system used on the previous GT model. The Cruise Control can be activated when riding at a speed of 50 km/h or more and using 4th gear or higher, the system can be immediately deactivated by using the brakes, clutch or rolling the grip forward on a closed throttle.

The quick shift system allows the rider to make fast up and down shifts without the clutch

For clutchless up and down shifting the Tracer 9 GT is equipped with a new Quick Shift System (QSS). A sensor on the shift rod detects movement in the gearshift pedal, and the ECU cuts drive torque to the transmission which Yamaha says enables smooth and fast gear changes, both up and down.

The bike is also equipped with slightly higher 1 and 2 gear ratios that match the new engine’s higher torque output at lower rpm. Modifications have also been made to the A&S clutch, including the use of new material for the friction plates and a revised cam angle to give a lighter lever pull and gentler chassis behaviour during downshifts.

A new lighter exhaust system has been added to save weight

The Tracer 9 GT is equipped with a new 1.5 chamber-type exhaust with twin tail pipes. Together with redesigned stainless steel header pipes, the complete exhaust weighs 1400g less than previously and Yamaha have said that it gives off a nice exhaust note.

Yamaha have said model-specific engine mounts for the Tracer have been developed through Kanno Hyoka – evaluating motorcycle performance based on test rider perceptions and feedback. Featuring a thicker construction that is unique to the the new Tracer, the left and right side engine mounting brackets as well as the top mount ensure that the engine’s role as a stressed member helps to create better balance of rigidity for more handling performance

Twin LED eyes have been added to give better visibility at night

With the 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT being completely reworked, Yamaha have also applied some aesthetic changes too. Yamaha say very careful consideration was given to the layout and shape of the three-bag luggage system, and the overall look of the side cases and top case is designed to complement the bike’s sporty and dynamic character. Along with this is new front fairing and a fuel tank cover to create a more dynamic look, with twin eye LED headlights and LED lighting throughout, it matches the Yamaha family look.

The Tracer 9 GT is supplied with completely new hard cases fitted as standard equipment. Each case is able to carry a full-face helmet and is attached to the bike’s durable steel subframe via a fully floating carrier system which Yamaha say that absorbs any wind or surface-induced chatter to give a natural riding feeling and minimise general riding noise.

The IMU system has been programmed to aid visibility

Equipped with an intelligent cornering light system that is programmed to light up the road ahead when the IMU senses that the machine is leaning at more than 7º and its speed is at least 5 km/h. A key feature of this LED cornering light design is that the IMU’s high speed calculations and processing power enable the system to increase the brightness of the cornering lights as the banking angle increases, which Yamaha say gives the rider a clear field of vision when riding at night.

The Tracer 9 GT also features an all-new twin 3.5-inch multi-function TFT display, key running information is featured on the left screen, including a multi-coloured bar-type tachometer, as well as a digital speedometer, fuel gauge, gear position and TCS mode indicator. The left screen can be switched to the TCS mode and setting display, enabling the rider to select the desired intervention mode for the electronic rider aids. Meanwhile the right screen is split into four separate sections, each one displaying a range of information such as odometer, tripmeters 1 & 2, temperature and more.

The 10-spoke SpinForged wheels and large-diameter axles fitted to the new Tracer 9 GT are 700g lighter than previously, Yamaha say this major reduction in unsprung weight makes a positive contribution towards the bike’s handling, lightweight steering and suspension characteristics.

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Included is a newly developed rider’s seat mounted 15mm lower than the previous model and features a simple tool-less two-position height adjuster. Further changes to the ergonomics can be made by adjusting the footrests by 15mm up or down, and the handlebar position can also be moved forwards by 9mm and upwards by 4mm by reversing the direction of the handlebar clamps.

The large front windshield is able to be adjusted to suit the riders needs

The updated model is equipped with a large screen that can be adjusted by a total of 50mm through 10 increments of 5mm. Compact and lightweight handlebar brush guards also help to protect from the wind and bad weather.

Yamaha and Bridgestone have jointly developed the new Battlax T32 Sport Touring tyres specifically for the Tracer. They said their development goals were to create a new tyre that could offer excellent wet and dry performance together with excellent durability and strong straight-line performance, qualities that match the versatile character of this new Sport Touring, with a 120/70ZR17 at the front and 180/55ZR17 at the rear.

Heated grips have been added to ensure the riders hands don’t get too frosty.

Wind chill can make the rider’s hands cold and uncomfortable even on a cool summer’s day, the Tracer 9 GT’s has been equiped with grip warmers that can be adjusted through a range of 10 settings using a scroll wheel to achieve a comfortable temperature. The specially shaped grips feature thinner rubber that enables efficient transmission of the heat to keep hands warm whatever the weather.

There will be a bit of a wait thought with the delivery of the Tracer 9 GT to Australian Yamaha dealers commencing from April 2021 but pricing has not been set yet. But the standard 2021 model of Yamaha Tracer 9 will not be available in Australia.

Pricing has yet to be announced for the 2021 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT

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