After deciding that he doesn't want to race anymore, young Ant says he just wants to free ride and have fun, so that is exactly what we have been doing with the Torrot Motocross Two lately...

The last few posts about our Torrot Motocross Two have centred around semi competitive riding and performance. This time we look at the recreational fun side of the Torrot Motocross Two, by taking the kids to a skate park and a ride park for a few days of fun.

A fun family day at Pacific Park, NSW, where the kids rode the Torrot on a variety of tracks.

A fun family day at Pacific Park, NSW, where the kids rode the Torrot on a variety of tracks…

About a month ago, Anthony decided he doesn’t want to race or ride at his local club anymore, that he is a bit over it, doesn’t want to move up a class to full competitive riding and just wants to have fun and, in his own words, ‘Free ride’…

I’m more than happy with that, it’s totally up to him, and his mum is OK with it too. If he wants to race again one day, we will support him if we can afford to. For now, we will just go and have a good time riding dirt bikes! First stop, Pacific Park in the Hawksebury River.

It’s about a 1.5 hour drive for us, so it is great not to have petrol fumes in the car from a bike, and as it is a 35ºC day, I would not want to have to drive with the windows down, so a big plus for the EV bike here. Pacific Park has a small up to 85cc two-stroke and 110cc four-stroke motocross track, a small Dirt Track for nippers and up to 65cc, and a larger dirt track of 1km for big bikes, plus lots and lots of other areas to ride, but we stick to the motocross track and the nippers dirt track oval.

Having a whole heap of fun on the little motocross track on the Torrot MX2.

Having a whole heap of fun on the little motocross track on the Torrot MX2. The boys got three 10min sessions each from two batteries, but that included one 10min session at full throttle on the dirt track, so pretty impressive battery life.

The motocross track has more wide open throttle areas than the JT one we usually ride at, and it only has two jumps and one berm, it is almost half MX half dirt track, so the battery life is slightly less than usual, 30-minutes versus the usual 35 to 40-minutes. But it is still damn impressive if you ask me.

My eldest son had a go too, James is 13 now and way too big for the Torrot MX2, but he still had a ball riding it around for half an hour on the motocross track and the dirt track. He is a recreational rider only, and has never done any competition, so just loves to get out there and have fun. He has always liked the Torrot exactly for that reason – jump on and go, no hassles and just go out and have a ball.

After the fun at Pacific Park, a few weekends later we headed out to an abandoned skate park about an hour from home. What a blast it was for the kids, and it reminded me of an awesome image in ADB’s Minirider back in the late 1980s of a kid on an RM80 in a half pipe – I had that pic cut out and on my wall at home! I would love to find a copy of that one… Anyway, the Torrot was top fun apparently!

All up a great few days, and the bike proved again to be very, very easy to live with. All we had to do was wash it, check it over, and that was it. We’ve hit the 100 hour use now and still, no dramas.

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The next thing I want to do, is give the bike another full look over and a really good detail… Next time!


Price: $4,990 Ride Away
 1500W electric, 48V LiNiCoMn 8,8Ah with BMS integrated (Battery Management System) portable, 48V programmable top speed, power, throttle sensitivity and regeneration, 54.6V 2A battery charger (4 hours). Top speed approx 40km/h+
Chassis: Tubular CrMo steel frame, hydraulic forks non adjustable 95mm travel, DNM gas shock, preload adjustable, 125mm travel, steel swingarm, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes (hand operated both ends), 14 x 1.60in x 12 x 1.85in alloy rims, Michelin Starcross 60/100 – 14(f) and 80/100 – 12(r) tyres, 640mm seat height, 32kg weight, 40kg max rider weight, ABS plastic bodywork.
Performance: 1500w, 48V, 40+km/h

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