It is still mind blowing to us. We have just returned from testing the new Triumph motocross bike. Here is our TF 250-X review, ridden on a private MX track... Photos: Dean Walters

The Triumph TF 250-X has a class-leading power-to-weight ratio with the highest specification components out of the box, designed by world-class engineers, in collaboration with motocross and enduro champions including Ricky Carmichael and Ivan Cervantes…

The Triumph TF 250-X launch was held in early June in Mandalong, NSW, on a massive private MX track.

The Aussie launch started off with a short flight from Melbourne to a surprisingly dry Sydney. Once I had collected my luggage and met up with the Triumph crew it was time to head to our accommodation a few hours north. Pulling up to the venue Caves Coastal we were met with an amazing view of Caves Beach. Then we went to our rooms before getting ready to head down to the presentation. Following came Triumph’s presentation of their brand new $14,250 TF 250-X, where we got to hear everything from what went into the making of the TF 250-X to all that comes with the TF 250-X.

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At the end of the presentation the Triumph team had an awesome surprise for us, being a video call with James Wood (product marketing/off-road product lead) and Scott Lanzi (product marketing manager). These two experts had a lot of knowledge on the build of the Triumph TF 250-X. This was an amazing opportunity to pick the brains of two people that played big roles in the production of the bike we would be riding the next day. After the video call we had a quick bite to eat before heading off to sleep, if you can call laying in bed eagerly waiting to ride the brand new Triumph TF 250-X sleeping!

The following morning we left the accommodation and made our way to Jeff Briggs’s property where we were greeted with a line-up of eight brand new Triumph TF 250-X’s. The Triumph TF 250-X comes out of the box with a class-leading power-to-weight ratio and with the highest specification components available. Designed and developed by Triumph’s world-class engineers, as well as in collaboration with motocross and enduro champions. These include Ricky Carmichael and Ivan Cervantes…

Starting off with the liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine boasting 47hp (35kW) at 13,500rpm, the 249.95cc engine comes with a forged Konig piston, Del West titanium valves all inside the in-house manufactured crankcase and cylinder-head, all linked to a wet multi-plate Exedy Belleville spring clutch. The stock exhaust is a lightweight stainless-steel system with an integrated Helmholtz resonator in the header pipe to improve performance and harmonics of the TF 250-X.

The chassis of  the TF 250-X boasts a completely unique Triumph frame, with a central spine with twin cradle design. This gives the TF 250-X incredible strength and flexibility for the most punishing terrains. All frames are hand TiG-welded to ensure the best quality with post fabrication machining for dimensional accuracy.

The TF 250-X comes equipped KYB 48mm forks with 310mm travel, compression and rebound adjustment. The forks are attached to the frame with 7075-T6 forged and machined Neken yokes. The front is paired with a KYB three-way piggyback shock with a 50mm piston and 305mm of travel. The TF 250-X braking is handled with Brembo calipers and master-cylinders.The front is a twin 24mm floating piston front caliper with a Galfer 260mm rotor, the rear with a single 26mm floating piston with a 220mm disc.

The wheels and tyres on the Triumph TF 250-X are D.I.D DirtStar 7000 series alloy rims in a black anodized finish laced to Triumph designed lightweight cast and machined alloy hubs. These are paired with Pirelli Scorpion MX-32 mid-soft tyres, the lightest tyres available that still deliver excellent feel and traction in competition.

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The left hand control module of the TF 250-X has four buttons for selections. The first being LC launch control, to assist the rider in perfecting holeshot winning starts. The second QS quic-start, to enable clutchless upshifting between 2nd and 5th gears. The third TC for traction control, which manages traction to give the rider the best traction in any condition. The 4th M for maps, with selecting between one of two maps. Map 1 being full power delivery and map 2 being a less aggressive power delivery. Advanced engine management and tunability is complemented by the optional accessory MX Tune Pro app, enabling riders to use real-time user-selectable mapping, a real-time engine sensor dashboard and live diagnostic functionality, through a controlled, programmable engine management system.

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The Triumph TF 250-X has a range of accessories

  • Full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system which is 0.47kg lighter than the OE while offering a strong increase in power between 9,000rpm and 13.000rpm.
  • XTrig hole shot device to assist in keeping the front wheel on the ground when taking off the start line giving you the perfect start.
  • Mx Tune Pro wi-fi module to connect wirelessly to the TF 250-X and gives you access to 10 additional factory maps with unique fueling and ignition setups. As well as live sensor dashboard and service logging.
  • Athena LC-GPA launch control module. Which mounts on the front mudguard offering a visual display for riders in the race start position to make your starts consistently perfect.
  • Performance gripper seat and seat cover making it easier to stay attached to the big in any condition.

“It felt like I was on train tracks and the 250-X handled the soft and wet dirt with ease”…

The Ride
The time had finally come to be one of the first in the world to fire up and throw my leg over the new Triumph TF 250-X. As soon as I hit the electric start it is clear that Triumph are setting themselves apart from the rest of the motocrossers, with a unique crisp roar coming from the TF 250-X, even without an aftermarket or accessory exhaust system.

After a couple of siting laps to familiarise myself with the conditions of the track and the feel of the bike it was time to open it up and see what the TF 250-X had to offer. The linear power delivery of the TF 250-X is very smooth on take off, while with a twist of the smooth crisp throttle the power becomes punchy in the mid-high end of the rev range, making the bike suitable for riders of all capabilities.

“The TF 250-X is an out of the box race ready bike”…

Equipped with a Brembo hydraulic clutch, which is smooth and lightweight, clutch control is easy and arm pump is minimal. The five-speed gearbox is also smooth and easy to use, with clean selections, and I really enjoyed the quick-shift option. By turning the QS button on on the left hand selector this allows for effortless and clutchless upshifts between 2nd and 5th gear. Fantastic.

With the conditions of the track at the start of the day being on the soft side it was clear to see that the Triumph has no issues in getting the power down to get you out of any terrain with traction. Plus, with a simple click of the TC ‘traction control’ button on the left hand block it felt like I was on train tracks and the 250-X handled the soft and wet dirt with ease. This was a great experience and system.

“With the chassis being one of the biggest areas that Triumph focused on the TF 250-X frame flexes in all the right moments”…

With the chassis being one of the biggest areas that Triumph focused on the TF 250-X frame flexes in all the right moments, while retaining its rigidity, giving optimum feel of the TF 250-X around the track. The KYB forks and shock offer a smooth and comfortable ride, while giving confidence and control.

Throughout the day of riding I put the suspension to the test. The KYB offered amazing handling while soaking up all the bumps around the track allowing for a smooth ride, even if one of those bumps was coming up short on one of the biggest jumps on the track, the KYB suspension took the shock and allowed me to roll out and continue on without so much as a hiccup [much to my relief as I watched on wide-eyed! – Ed].

“Triumph has hit every nail on the head in making the TF 250-X perform outstanding”…

The Brembo brakes, paired with the KYB suspension, provide amazing stopping power allowing for late braking into a corner all while still providing optimum feel and control, making me feel very confident in cornering. And I was excited to see that Triumph had gone with Pirelli Scorpion MX-32 tyres as they are a tyre that I have run myself for a while and thoroughly enjoy them. They are light and provide excellent traction and feel in any conditions.

“Even if one of those bumps was coming up short on one of the biggest jumps on the track, the KYB suspension took the shock”…

Throughout the day I had the opportunity to ride the TF 250-X with different rear springs. These are rated to different weights. Triumph offers different springs as an add on option, you can get a spring that is better suited if you’re not the out the box 80kg rated spring setting. The medium and hard rear spring gave me more confidence and control of the TF 250-X not only on the jumps but also on the corners almost as if it was my own bike. I am 98kg.

The last TF 250-X I rode had all the aftermarket accessories fitted. The main standout being the full titanium Akrapovic exhaust system giving the TF 250-X a louder roar than that of the stock stainless exhaust, while also increasing the torque in the low-mid rev range making it easier to get the power to the ground coming out of tight turns or up the jump face. I also felt the difference the gripper seat made, which made it easier to hold onto the bike and allowed for a more planted feel when cornering.

Overall, I am thoroughly impressed at how Triumph has hit the motocross market with an outstanding bike that sets them apart from the other manufacturers. Triumph has hit every nail on the head in making the TF 250-X perform outstanding and be one of the lightest bikes on the market. The TF 250-X is not only aimed at professional riders but is also an amazing bike for a casual MX rider. With its smooth linear power delivery, powerful brakes, KYB front and rear suspension and aggressive looks, the TF 250-X is an out of the box race ready bike.

2024 Triumph TF 250-X Specifications

Price: From $14,250
Colours: Black and white/yellow highlights
Claimed Power: 35kW[47hp]@13,500rpm
Claimed Torque: 28.6Nm@9000rpm
Wet Weight: 104kg
Fuel capacity: 7L

Engine: Liquid-cooled four-stroke, DOHC, four-valve, 78 x 52.3mm bore x stroke, 249.95cc, 14.4:1 compression, Dell’Orto EFI, electric start, five-speed gearbox with quick-shifter, Wet, multi-plate Belleville spring clutch, 13/48 final gearing.

Chassis: Frame: Aluminium
Rake: 27.4º  degrees Trail: 116mm
Suspension: KYB 48mmcoilspringfork,compression/reboundadjustment, 310mmtravel (f) KYBcoil, compression adjustment (H and LS peed),rebound adjustment, 305mm traveL (r).
Brakes: Brembo twin 24mm piston, 260mm disc (f), Brembo single 26mm piston, 220mm disc (r),
Wheels & Tyres: 80/100 – 21in (f) Pirelli Scorpion MX-32 mid-soft, 100/90 – 19in (r), Pirelli Scorpion MX-32 mid-soft

Seat height: 960mm
Ground clearance: N/A
Overall width: 836mm
Overall Length: N/A
Overall height: 1270mm
Wheelbase: 1492mm

Instruments & Electronics: Hourmeter, multifunction switch cubes

2024 Triumph TF 250-X Video, Tech Features

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