When my time with my set of Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres came to an end after near on 8,000km, it wasn’t because they were worn out, it wasn’t because I’d picked up a puncture, it was just time to move onto another tyre to test. I’ll be honest I was sad to take them off the bike.

Wear was pretty light, all things considered and I’m guessing I had another easy 5000km in them, which is why they are stashed away in the garage for when I get a flat. Plus they’d been an absolute pleasure to test on my 2013 Daytona 675 R.

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

As I said in my original thoughts on the Avon 3D Ultra Sports I don’t own a car and I ride everywhere, often on my Daytona, when we aren’t testing a new model. That commonly means two-up, rain, cold or shine. I look for wet weather performance, warm up and dry weather performance in basically that order.

Most tyres are incredibly capable these days – in the right conditions, and finding the tyre that suits your riding and machine is the trick. The Avon 3D Ultra Sport ticked all those boxes for me, and the wear made them an obvious option for my style of riding.

I could head off on a cold, wet and miserable morning and have optimal grip in no distance at all, plus they didn’t feel squirrely at low speeds getting to that point.

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

With heat in the tyres, wet grip was as good as dry, with great feel and confidence, including over road snakes, and while I wouldn’t call myself a fast rider, with these I could easily do my usual dry pace without a worry, regardless of how wet the road surface was.

Part of that is no doubt thanks to the tyre shape and construction – they are a relatively round tyre, offering a smooth and not overly aggressive feel on the bike. This means no rapid ‘falling’ onto the side of the tyre like some of the sportier and more aggressive tyres, and this more linear feel is what I prefer.

Overall I highly recommend these tyres, even for a sportsbike, if like me, you’ve got the one vehicle and ride in all conditions. There’s plenty of sporting performance, but the wet and quick warming properties are a stand-out, and wear is also exceptional.

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyres

That makes them an ideal option, especially when you consider they’re capable of a casual track day or two, if that’s your thing, saving you money on buying and fitting dedicated track tyres.

Like I said they tick every box for me, and offer great value. If you’re interested in the original full review, including a track review and the full technical breakdown, check out the original article on the Avon 3D Ultra Sports.

See your local Avon stockist for pricing pending size. Special Thanks to the Australian importer Pro Accessories Australia, ProAccessories.com.au.

Avon 3D Ultra Sport Features:

  • Outstanding handling characteristics
  • Large footprint at extreme lean angles
  • High performance single and multi-compound Super Rich Silica (SRS) treads enhance wet grip
  • Ideal for high performance bikes
  • 3D siping with interlocking three dimensional points to improve stability and grip, limit tread flex,and allow the tire to warm up quickly
Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyre size chart

Avon 3D Ultra Sport tyre size chart

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