Bike Review 2016 Yamaha WR450F Actions (9)

Yamalube have put together a convenient kit, available in both Semi-Synthetic and Full Synthetic engine oils, with a choice of three oil viscosities to suit your riding conditions. Each kit contains 2 litres of Yamalube Oil (in a choice of viscosity) and all the genuine Yamaha parts required to complete an oil and filter change to ensure you don’t end up with any oil leaks out on the trails.

BikeReview Yamalube oil change kit
Kit Contents:
– 2 x Bottles 1L Engine Oil (*See kit part numbers for oil types).
– 1 x 5D3-13440-00 Oil filter
– 1 x 93210-47675 O-ring, filter cover (In all kits except YLU-S1040-20-01)
– 3 x 93210-07135 O-rings, filter cover (In all kits except YLU-S1040-20-01)
– 1 x 93210-45708 O-ring, filter cover (Only in Kit YLU-S1040-20-01)
– 1 x 90201-082A6 Oil tank drain bolt washer (250F only) (In all kits except YLU-S1040-20-01)
– 1 x 90430-10171 Drain bolt gasket R/H
– 2 x 90201-08087 Drain bolt gasket L/H (450F only, 2 x 10-14 YZ450F)
– 1 x Oil change instruction sheet.

Part Numbers:

YLU-S2050-10-01 (oil change kit, Y4-S 20W50 Semi Synthetic) $57.67

YLU-F1040-10-01 (oil change kit, Y4-FS 10W40 Full Synthetic) $65.23

For more information or questions about our oil change kits please contact your local authorised Yamaha dealer or visit y-shop here for more information.

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