Check out Dririder Track gloves for high quality leather gloves suitable for the track that won't break the budget. Test: Kris Hodgson

The DRIRIDER Track Sports glove are a premium glove ideal for riding at the track, with full leather construction, reinforced palms and double layered leather at the fingers.

The knuckles, tops of fingers and cuff all feature additional protection with TPU honeycomb composite moulds, while pre-curved fingers mean they’ll fit from new and not need an excessive wear-in period.Velcro closures at the cuff and wrist also ensure a tight but comfortable fit.

DriRider Track Gloves Bike Review

The DRIRIDER Track gloves are comfortable, but you’ll notice they are a heavier, more protective glove, which can heat up in particularly warm weather if you are caught in traffic.

I wear mine if I’m heading to the track or going for a sporty ride on the weekend – generally any time I think full leathers are warranted and they offer great value at the very reasonably price tag of $159.95 RRP.

They’re also eye-catching in white, but also come in Black, from size XS through to 4XL in both colours, with 5XL also available just in black.

As someone who normally wears a lighter pair of DRIRIDER summer gloves these are my more serious gloves and great between seasons when the weather is milder and heat isn’t such an issue, especially while caught in heavy commuting traffic.

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