Nick has had a big mile winter, commuting over 240km a day and riding on weekends for fun. He's put his RJAYS winter kit to the ultimate test, including these Booster gloves... Review: Nick Ware

With the icy winter mornings, the RJAYS Booster gloves proved a solid competitor against some of the more expensive brands. With temperatures dropping to around 3ºC at 6:00am on my morning commutes, I had no worries about frost-bite all winter.

A 240km round trip commute and a cold winter put the Booster gloves through the ultimate test and they came out amazingly well for a sub $100 glove...

A 240km round trip commute at least three times a week and a cold winter put the Booster gloves through the ultimate test and they came out amazingly well for a sub $100 glove…

They look great. A minimal design, nothing too fancy or over the top. They blend in seamlessly with the RJAYS Radar winter jacket. In terms of comfort, the Thinsulate lining is fantastic. I would suggest trying them on beforehand, the usual sizing wasn’t exactly what I expected (probably should have checked the sizing guides). I needed to go up a size really.

I think the added lining takes away from the regular space you’d expect from a standard glove. After a few days though, I began to notice that they’d stretched significantly, ending up a nice snug fit.

In terms of warmth, unbeatable. Even on the coldest of mornings I was comfortable, nothing to worry about in that department. Somehow your hands just don’t sweat. The breathable Hipora insert does the trick. Dexterity with the added thickness and internal linings isn’t as good as you’d get with a standard summer glove, but I’d bet any money you’d be willing to take the trade-off.

With 100 per cent waterproof often arguable with most riding gear, here again, you have nothing to worry about. My hands stayed dry in the most torrential downpours and because of the lengthy double cuff, there’s no chance it’ll get down between the jacket and glove.

Wear and tear are as expected with gloves. Palm side there is some obvious marks and scuffs. Overall, the cuffs and stitching have stayed together much better than originally anticipated. The insert does seem to be quite thin, I’m expecting this to be the first part to tear but so far so good!

For the price of a stunning $89.95 RRP, just buy some! Warm hands on the coldest mornings are definitely something worth paying for. Pair these with some heated grips and you’d be set for some ice racing or just the normal daily commute, either or…

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