AuSFR now have the Growler Black Edition available exclusively in Australia from Racefit.

New from Racefit and brought to you by AuSFR is the Growler Black Edition.

AuSFR Racefit Growler Black Edition Available 3Available in either full titanium or titanium with carbon fibre sleeve, the Black Edition features the same high quality construction as the traditional Growler, with a shorter profile and flat MotoGP-style outlet.

AuSFR Racefit Growler Black Edition Available 2

Available for all the same models as the Growler, the Black Edition is hand-crafted to order to give you the ultimate product for your Superbike.

Available in Australia exclusively from

Why choose Racefit?

Racefit:  Tube-bending perfection, products perfectly hand fabricated using the ultimate exhaust construction material – titanium


  • Complete titanium construction including all internal parts
  • Autoclaved carbon
  • Brushed (factory) finish unpolished welds


  • Fits onto standard OE headers
  • Improved performance
  • No other modifications required
  • Retains pillion footrests where required
  • NRI/removable baffle NOT available for Growler Black models
  • Available with either full titanium or carbon fibre sleeve.
AuSFR Racefit Growler Black Edition Available 4

AuSFR Racefit Growler Black Edition Available The Racefit Growler Black Edition is a stunning shorty exhaust that’ll look horn on any superbike.

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