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The Arai Quantic marks a brand-new generation of Arai helmet aimed at the sports-touring rider who wants dynamic, race-derived performance on the road, with a cocoon-like, luxurious comfort and features suitable for long riding days…

One of Arai’s top of the line helmets is available for Australian roads now thanks to Australia permitting EDC 22.06 approved helmets on the road!

For Arai R&D was to create a full-featured, luxurious new helmet with extremely high performance. But also to make it look stylishly fast, undeniably cool and very easy to live with over many kilometres. Of course it had to meet and exceed, perfectly, modern needs and expectations.

The new Quantic is the result of R&D’s extensive work in the lab, on the road and out on the racetrack. As its mathematical definition describes it draws together, in harmony, qualities and design elements found on helmets throughout the Arai range, from the popular Profile-V to range-topping, MotoGP-spec. RX-7V Racing. And adds fresh features all of its own. 


“Sitting between the Profile-V and RX-7V the Quantic marks a brand-new generation of sophisticated design from Arai and occupies fresh ground.”

Sitting between the Profile-V and RX-7V the Quantic marks a brand-new generation of sophisticated design from Arai and occupies fresh ground. Aimed at the enthusiastic, sports-touring long-distance rider with its high-specification interior, full, flexible ventilation and stable aerodynamic performance it offers high-speed comfort for the long haul.

Of course, as with every Arai, the Quantic is formed around protection, first and foremost and every incremental detail improvement present contributes to this overall goal. And, to that end, it’s the first Arai full-face to go through the new, more rigorous ECE R22-06 standard. It’s important to note, however that Arai do not manufacture helmets to simply deal with varying legal requirements around the world. Each and every Arai must clear the most stringent of in-house testing – which layers on extra demands, such as penetration and impact tests on any point within a test line against a hemispherical anvil – before any helmet is allowed to go forward. 

Arai always put major emphasis on the safety of their riders and their helmets with plenty of features!

Manufactured, by hand, from Peripherally Belted e-Complex Laminate Construction (PB e-cLc) the Quantic’s outer shell maintains the core strength that Arai is known for, but with a substantial weight reduction. A softer, multi-density EPS inner liner works with the outer shell to absorb impact energy. The smoother, rounder and stronger shape is another key Arai signature – and the Arai first principle from which the R&D engineers worked from – and, while aesthetically sleek and pleasing, is primarily designed to ‘glance-off’ and spread impact forces.

The new 3D Arai logo duct, air-scoop chin vent, F1-based dual tear-ducts and RX-7V Racing-derived one-piece rear exhaust/spoiler were developed in the wind tunnel, in real-road conditions and at Suzuka. Alongside the brow vents and flush-fit rear exhausts, the Quantic’s ventilation guarantees a consistent, controllable flow of cooling air via a total of 12 ports in the shell – and from low speeds.

“The new 3D Arai logo duct, air-scoop chin vent, F1-based dual tear-ducts and RX-7V Racing-derived one-piece rear exhaust/spoiler were developed in the wind tunnel.”

All-day wear-ability is the other key factor running through Quantic DNA. It features a 5mm flare around the base for easy access on and off, and the VAS MAX vision visor comes with a Pinlock insert ready to use. The new, premium brushed nylon interior is removable and  features Facial Contour System (FCS), speaker pockets and neck roll wire pocket. It also features Emergency Release System (ERS). The Quantic has been designed from the outset for easy application of an intercom.

Using the aerodynamic and protective abilities of Arai’s full-race helmets – with racer feedback from the highest level – and all the experience and know-how earned over millions of road kilometres, the Quantic slips through the air neatly and efficiently, wrapping its wearer in a cocoon of luxury. It offers a fresh choice for riders that want the very best performance from a helmet – in terms of protection, comfort and ease of wear, day-in-day out – with zero compromise.   

“Drawn initially from Arai’s F1 helmet the tear-ducts maintain the airflow of the previous design with a compact, light and unobtrusive form that complements the round and smooth shell. Opened/closed by sliding to prevent water ingress.”

Comprehensive and controllable ventilation is based around 12 ventilation ports: 6 intake, 6 exhaust. The 3D Arai logo feeds cooling air into two central intake points and works well at low speed, alongside dual F1-derived tear duct top intakes, twin brow vents and 2-position sliding air-scoop, filtered chin vent. Hot air is efficiently extracted via the 3-way one-piece rear exhaust/spoiler, twin flush-fit side exhausts (with foam dams to reduce noise) and neck exhaust.

Immediately noticeable, the new 3D Arai logo duct (made as thin as possible, just 3.5mm in depth) feeds two central 10mm intake ports. This is a first in an Arai, and entirely due to PB e-cLc’s strength and the shell construction. It also works very well at low speed and with an upright riding position; at just 50km/h it’s channelling an extra 40% airflow, at 120km/h 7%. It can also be opened, or closed, easily with summer or winter gloves, via a short-stroke lever placed at the top; if the rider can’t see the lever and the logo is in its normal place, the duct is open. The Arai logo duct is designed to breakaway in the event of an impact.

Also new is the 3-position (open, midway and closed) sliding air-scoop chin vent which flows a larger intake volume of air and has a replaceable filter. The actuating mechanism is thicker and easy to use with gloves.


The one-piece rear exhaust/spoiler, operated by a 3-way switch, is inspired by the DX-2 of the RX-7V Racing, but redesigned for touring use – however, it was tested up to 300km/h at Suzuka. It sits a little more forward on the shell and is fed by 3 ports in the shell. As part of the Quantic’s comprehensive ventilation system it efficiently draws air but also smooths airflow over (and from the side) of the helmet, improving stability and reducing buffeting, especially while overtaking at highway speeds. The result is much less rider fatigue. Manufactured as thin and light as possible it’s designed to crush or break away upon impact, therefore having no impact on protective performance.

The Quantic outer shell design outlines a stylish, organic shape and uses PB e-cLc for lightweight strength and, for the first time, built-in side ducts. The AR-mat has been substituted with a new material which makes it possible to reduce the weight, while maintaining strength. An extra layer of Super Fibre belting – instead of the Hyper Ridge found around the base of the Profile-V – maintains rigidity in a crucial area while offering flat sides for easy fitment of an intercom. Variable Axis System (VAS) lowers the visor mounting system and yields an average of an additional 24mm across both temple areas, to generate the ideal, smoother shape that increases the ability to glance-off energy. Like the Profile-V the Quantic’s shell flares out 5mm around the base, for easier on/off access.

The Quantic will be available in the sizes XS-L, with size XL expected later. RRP starts at $999.95 for solid colours to $1199.95 for graphics.

The new Integrated wire pocket has been designed to work clearly without affecting comfort or protection to store excess cable length in the neck roll. Using the interiors of both the Profile-V and RX-7V as benchmarks the Quantic’s interior was designed from scratch for maximum comfort, airflow (there are two holes in the forehead area) and light weight. The interior and cheek pads are easily removed for cleaning or adjustment.

Grab your new Arai Quantic in the sizes XS-L, with size XL expected later, RRP starts at $999.95 for solid colours to $1199.95 for graphics. Contact Cassons for availability info.


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