BMW have released these new gloves, the 2-in-1 Tech Gloves, which have a surprising amount of features in them. Jeff will be testing these out over the next few months...

We’ve got a set of trick BMW gloves for review over winter, the 2-in-1 Tech gloves are jam packed full of features. From GORE-TEX to keeping one finger able to use touch-screen smartphones, BMW have designed them to be the only gloves you’ll need!

2-in-1 features for greater comfort while touring, the sporty 2-in-1 gloves with twin-chamber technology have a lot to offer. While the first chamber is unlined and offers excellent grip with kangaroo leather, the waterproof second chamber with a breathable GORE-TEX® membrane offers complete protection from the elements.

Along with this, BMW have aimed high by making the Tech gloves CE-certified according to DIN EN 13594 standards. This means they’re a glove you can trust to keep you safe in the very unfortunate event of an accident or a slide.

If you’re interested in the BMW 2-in-1 Tech gloves, they’re available now from every BMW motorrad dealership for an RRP of $300. You can pick them up in black or grey from sizes 6 to 12 and a half. Keep an eye out for Jeff’s review in the coming months…

 BMW 2-in-1 Tech Glove Product details

  • Sporty GORE-TEX® gloves with 2-in-1 technology
  • Option of changing between chambers depending on weather conditions
  • Wiper lip on left index finger. The tips of the index finger and thumb can be used to operate touchscreen devices
  • Colour markings make it easy to put on and take off
  • CE-certified according to DIN EN 13594
  • Colour: Black/grey

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