Kawasaki Australia have announced their new Camo range, including a flexible multi-purpose neck tube as well as socks, with the latter available in a range of sizes.

The Kawasaki Camo Neck Tube fills the role of balaclava, hat, headband or neck warmer depending on how you want to wear it, making for a useful piece of apparel no matter the time of year. A one size fits all design means there’s no concerns about picking the sizing if it’s intended as a gift, while the neck tube features the Kawasaki Camo design.

Kawasaki Camo Neck Tube - $24.99 RRP

Kawasaki Camo Neck Tube – $24.99 RRP

For those after some fancy footwork to match their favourite marque, check out these Kawasaki Camo socks, featuring the Kawasaki logo on the sole and of course the camo graphics, or more traditional Kawasaki lime green colour. Each set contains one pair in each colour, making for great value, while three sizes are available ensuring the right fit and comfort.

Kawasaki Camo Socks - $14.95 RRP

Kawasaki Camo Socks – $14.95 RRP

The Kawasaki Camo Neck Tube is available for $24.99 RRP, while the Kawasaki Camo Socks are $14.95 RRP for a set of two pairs (one Camo, one Lime Green) with sizes 35/38, 39/42 and 43/46 available.

Visit your local Kawasaki dealer, or use the Kawasaki Dealer Locator if you’re not sure of your nearest or most convenient option. You can also check out the Kawasaki accessories and apparel range on the Kawasaki Australia website.


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