Oggy Knobbs are now available for the the 2019 Honda CB650R, with Promoto’s model-specific Oggy Knobbs, Axle Oggys, and Case Savers taking the brunt of impacts and road surface abrasion and can in many cases significantly reduce repair costs after a fall.

Oggy Knobbs, Axle Oggys and Case protectors now available for the 2019 Honda CB650R

Oggy Knobbs, Axle Oggys and Case protectors now available for the 2019 Honda CB650R

Only the strongest, most resilient materials are used to ensure strength, performance and appearance. State of the art manufacturing techniques like CNC machining, laser cutting and MIG welding are used in the production process for accuracy and perfect fit.

Axle Oggys - $99.00

Axle Oggys – $99.00

The aluminum compression components are made from aircraft grade 7075 T6511, the bolts are de-embrittled, high tensile items, zinc plated and clear chromates, the “plastic” used in the sliders is Acetal for the best combination of shock absorption, abrasion resistance and strength.

Fender Eliminator - $169.00

Fender Eliminator – $169.00

All metallic components are fully finished for corrosion resistance and durability as well as a pleasing appearance. If you do have to use them and need to replace parts, spares are readily available.

The knobbs are available in either black or white and are a fraction of the average bike repair bill, while Chain Adjuster Brackets and Fender Eliminators are also available to suit your 2019 Honda CB650R.

Case Saver - $99.00

Case Saver – $99.00

Visit your local motorcycle dealer to order a set of Oggy Knobbs, Axle Oggys, and Promoto accessories, or see the Kenma Australia website for more information.

2019 Honda CB650R Oggy Knobbs & Axle Oggys

  • Oggy Knobbs (Black, no cut) – OK558 – $195.00
  • Oggy Knobb (White, no cut) – OK559 – $195.00
  • Axle Oggys (Front, Black) – AAF086 – $99.00
  • Case Saver (Left-hand only) – CS552 – $99.00
  • Chain Adjuster Bracket – CAB552 – $99.00
  • Fender Eliminator – CS558 – $169.00
  • Oggy Knobb and Case Saver Kit – OK558CS – $269.00
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