D.I.D have just released their new line of signature VR46 chains. Built tough and to MotoGP standards, grab your new Rossi chain through McLeod Accessories today!..

Legendary MotoGP rider Valentino Rossi has become the official brand ambassador for D.I.D chains. As Rossi continues to compete in the world’s highest level of racing, his Yamaha YZR-M1 will be equipped with his own D.I.D signature series VR46 racing chain.

Rossi’s signature chain is the same one that is currently used on his Petronas MotoGP bike.

If you’re not a MotoGP race, don’t stress, D.I.D have made the VR46 chain available for everyday riders. The VR46 chain will come with a “Sole e Luna (Sun and Moon)”  VR46’s symbol mark, with a silver outer plate and gold inner plate.

D.I.D’s VR46 VX3 SB Series includes the 520VX3, 525VX3 chains, Suitable for both street and off road motorcycles from 350cc to 1100cc. The VX Series X’ring chains also boasts a much longer chain life than the VO Series O’ring chains due to the patented X-Ring technology. The 520VX3 has a 32 per cent longer chain life than the 520VO and the 525VX3 has a 41 per cent longer chain life!

Head to your local motorcycle store to find out more info on the VR46 D.I.D chain.

Available now from your local motorcycle store. For more stock and D.I.D chain questions, head to the McLeod Accessories website here. Check out the pricing info below!


VR46 D.I.D Collaoration Chain Pricing

  • 6108156 DRIVE CHAIN 520VR46 SB – 120 ZB (VX3) X-RING SILVER GOLD     $149.95
  • 6108158 DRIVE CHAIN 525VR46 SB – 120 ZB (VX3) X-RING SILVER GOLD     $179.95
  • 6108159 DRIVE CHAIN 525VR46 SB – 124 ZB (VX3) X-RING SILVER GOLD     $189.95


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