For this new model year Indian has introduced Scout Bobber, while the Roadmaster Elite packs all the bells and whistles perfect for two-up journeys and the Springfield gets the Dark Horse treatment. Here’s a run down of every model and update in Indian’s line-up for 2018.

2018-Indian-Springfield-metallic-jade-thunder-black-32018 Thunder Stroke 111 model performance gains

With motorcycles now having to meet EU4 emission rules, there has been an on-going homologation process at Spirit Lake to ensure Indian offers the best products possible. As such, for 2018, all of the Thunder Stroke 111 engined models have a 15hp increase in power and a 15Nm increase in torque.

Indian Motorcycle’s International Product Manager, Ben Lindaman commented, “Indian’s engineering team achieved the increase in power and torque by removing intake restrictions, equipping the bikes with better flowing exhaust, and optimising the calibration for this setup. The results are a substantial 21% power increase and an improved throaty exhaust tone as well.”

Further EU laws are also clamping down on what motorcycle manufacturers can and can’t do with the sale of performance upgrades. After 31st December 2017, Indian Motorcycle will no longer sell its Stage 1 and Stage 2 performance kits to customers in the EMEA region.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber

2018 Indian Scout Bobber

Scout Bobber – New for 2018

Slammed stance. Chopped fenders. Knobby tires. Blacked-out and stripped-down. The Scout Bobber is no frills, all attitude. The only place we didn’t hold back: the 94 barely-tamed horsepower of a 69-cubic-inch V-Twin. Grab on. Hold fast. Your legend is just getting started.

A 69-cubic-inch, 1133-cc V-Twin with 6 speed transmission pumps out an impressive 94 horsepower for head-snapping acceleration and plenty of passing power. All of this power comes with confident control and sporty, firm handling through every curve and straightaway.

2018 Indian Scout Bobber

2018 Indian Scout Bobber

The Scout Bobber has more of what you need and nothing that you don’t. It has a raw, mechanical look, minimal engine covers, and blacked-out exhaust, frame, handlebars and mirrors. It may be stripped down, but it always stands out.

Available in 5 colour schemes:

  • Indian Motorcycle Red
  • Thunder Black
  • Bronze Smoke
  • Star Silver Smoke
  • Thunder Black Smoke
2018 Indian Scout

2018 Indian Scout

Indian Scout updated for 2018

Scout has had updates for 2018 based on feedback from customers over the past three years. It will now come as standard with a pillion seat on the rear and footpegs for a passenger. The Scout’s existing telescopic front forks have now been replaced with cartridge forks, making a real difference to the ride and feel. To improve the handling even further, Scout will now also come with Pirelli tyres as standard.

Scout’s existing colours of Thunder Black, Burgundy Metallic and Brilliant Blue over White will continue for 2018, but will be joined by two new colour schemes ­- Metallic Jade and a Willow Green/Ivory Cream.

Colour Options

  • Thunder Black
  • Burgundy Metallic
  • Brilliant Blue/White
  • Metallic Jade NEW COLOUR FOR 2018
  • Willow Green/Ivory Cream NEW COLOUR FOR 2018


Avon Cobra Chrome


2018 Indian Scout Sixty

Scout Sixty remains the same for 2018 but will come in two new colour schemes, namely Polished Bronze and Thunder Black/Titanium Metallic.

  • Indian Motorcycle Red
  • Thunder Black
  • Polished Bronze NEW COLOUR FOR 2018
  • Thunder Black/Titanium Metallic (with red pinstripe) NEW COLOUR FOR 2018

2018 Indian Springfield

Springfield comes in an extra colour for 2018 – Metallic Jade over Thunder Black with Silver pinstripe.

  • Thunder Black
  • Steel Gray/Burgundy Metallic
  • Metallic Jade/Thunder Black NEW COLOUR FOR 2018


New for 2018 Indian Springfield Dark Horse

Like the other existing Dark Horse models, the Springfield Dark Horse has matte black paint with gloss black details. Springfield Dark Horse will feature an open fender to showcase a 19″ ten-spoke and blacked-out front wheel. Its quick-release windshield protects the rider from the elements, or can give a meaner cruiser look when removed. It comes in Thunder Black Smoke.

Chief single version of this bike comes in Steel Gray, offering just the essentials and is a great base bike for further customisation.


RatedR Parts


Indian Chief Classic Updated for 2018

Classic style has been given to the Chief in the form of white walled tyres, wire spoked wheels and chrome hand controls. Available only in Burgundy Metallic.

2018 Indian Chief Dark Horse

A Chief, but blacked out with the Dark Horse treatment and featuring the Thunder Black Smoke colour scheme.

2018 Indian Chief Vintage

Indian’s iconic Chief Vintage is now offered up with black leather saddlebags and seat for the first time. The Thunder Black and Star Silver over Thunder Black versions come with black seat and leather saddlebags, while the Sky Blue over Pearl White and the always-popular Willow Green over Ivory Cream will feature brown leather saddlebags.

Colour Options: 

  • Thunder Black
  • Indian Motorcycle Red over Ivory Cream
  • Star Silver over Thunder Black NEW COLOUR FOR 2018
  • Sky Blue over Pearl White NEW COLOUR FOR 2018

2018 Indian Chieftain

The Chieftain comes in just one colour scheme for 2018 (Steel Gray) and is now offered with open fenders instead of valanced ones along with a 19″ blacked-out wheel, making it a great base bike for further customisation.


New 2018 Indian Chieftain Classic

This classic version of the Chieftain is aimed at the heritage customer and has the brand’s iconic valanced front fender and a vintage black seat. It comes in three colour schemes; Thunder Black, Indian Motorcycle Red and Star Silver Smoke.

Colour Options

  • Thunder Black
  • Indian Motorcycle Red
  • Star Silver Smoke




2018 Indian Chieftain Limited

Only a black version of this bike has been available in EMEA until now, but for 2018 it comes in four extra colour schemes with two of these featuring striped graphics on the fairing and the saddlebags.

Colour Options

  • Thunder Black Pearl
  • Brilliant Blue NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018
  • White Smoke NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018
  • Thunder Black Pearl with Graphics NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018
  • Bronze Smoke with Graphics NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018

2018 Chieftain Dark Horse

The Chieftain Dark Horse will now come with RideCommand as standard and showcases a 19″ ten-spoke wheel with an open fender, in the Thunder Black Smoke colour option.

2018 Indian Roadmaster

2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

New for 2018 Indian Roadmaster Elite

After the success of Chieftain Elite, Indian is offering a special run of 250 Roadmaster Elite machines. The ultra-premium Roadmaster Elite has a two-tone cobalt blue and black colour that has been completed hand painted, along with real 23K gold leaf badging on the tank ( Cobalt Candy/Black Crystal with 23K Gold Trim). It has the industry-leading Ride Command system and a 300-watt premium audio system, chrome front and rear bumpers, passenger armrests and stylish pinnacle mirrors.

2018 Indian Roadmaster

The Burgundy Metallic version of this bike now comes with a tan coloured seat while the other three versions all have black seats. For 2018 there are two new two-tone colour schemes.

Colour Options

  • Thunder Black
  • Burgundy Metallic
  • Polished Bronze/Thunder Black NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018
  • Pearl White/Star Silver NEW COLOUR IN EMEA FOR 2018


2018 Indian Roadmaster Classic

This is available in two colour schemes; the classic colours of Indian Motorcycle Red and the Willow Green/Ivory Cream.


Yamaha Q2


2018 Indian Icon Series Paint Program

Indian has also announced it will be doing a factory custom paint program allowing customers to order certain machines in different colour schemes to the standard offering. More will be released about this in due course.


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