SMSP Ride Days has been running track days since COVID-19 restrictions have eased, so to ensure your spot at SMSP early next year, make sure you book ahead.  Click here to view dates or to book your position. Check out the dates below and chuck them in your calendar.

The track days always turn out to be a ball and a chance to test your skills

The first half of 2021 (January – June) Ride Days are now live and ready to book, and they have just announced that the pricing will remain the same as 2020. With weekends and public Holidays still $335 while weekdays will still be $285. SMSP said that 2020 is finishing on an all time high with Ride Day attendance, you will need to get in quick to secure your positions for early 2021. Below is a list of all upcoming events…

November 2020

  • 23rd November – Waiting list

December 2020

  • Sunday 6th December – Waiting list
  • Saturday 19th December – Waiting list
  • Sunday 20th December – Waiting list
  • Monday 21st December – Waiting list

January 2021

February 2021

March 2021

April 2021

May 2020

June 2021

If you have any further questions, or require assistance to book your position, please either email, or contact them on 0490 281 840 during normal business hours.

NG Brakes

SMSP Ride Days Gallery 

Kawasaki KX450

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