The brand new Arai Helmets Australia website is now live. It is the essential tool, covering all things Arai, including helmet model comparisons, tech overviews & product documentation. Stay up to date on everything to do with the brand, with the latest news & media releases all in one spot.

The whole Arai helmets range is available to view and read about on the new website.

The new website features everything from accessories to extensive fact sheets on every helmet they current have in their range. Fitting, sizing and safety features are all found in the one place to allow the customer to find the right lid to keep them safe on the road.

However its not just all helmets and brochures, they have included sections of the website to tell the story on the history of the brand, their values as a company, the science/physics of their helmets and all the current sponsored riders and drivers currently wearing the brand…

On the page you can find the full range, from full face to open face, off road and even car racing lids.
There is a great section on the full family history of Arai that is well worth a read, along with some great videos and articles outlining the science, experience and reasoning behind the design of Arai. You can also find a full list and details on all Arai sponsored riders, the Isle of Man TT collection, accessories and parts book, as well as a comprehensive support page. It’s a fantastic site and well worth spending a few hours browsing.

Genuine Arai parts books stocked to the brim with accessories.

Check out the website here to find out more about their products.

Arai website Gallery

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