This book retraces the fairytale story filled with passion and ingenuity of the late American dentist John Wittner, better known as Dr. John Wittner, and his unique contribution to the glorious history of Moto Guzzi, one of Italy’s most historic motorcycle marques. We have also published Alan’s test of the 8V racer.

Thanks to the experienced British journalist racer Alan Cathcart, who test rode each of his bikes as they were constructed, the story of the race victories and championship successes which Dr. John Wittner brought to Moto Guzzi is recounted here. The book also includes an interview conducted with him late in 2023, only three months before he sadly passed away, in which John Wittner recalls his experiences with the company, and especially his relationship with its then proprietor, the mercurial Alejandro de Tomaso.

Read Alan Cathcart’s test of the Dr.John Moto Guzzi 8V racer here...

This is an unmissable book, accompanied by many beautiful and exclusive photographs, available as an individually numbered limited edition, printed on high quality paper. It comes with a hardback cover, 152 large-format pages, and texts in both English and Italian. Orders are now being taken on for immediate shipment after its publication in February 2024. This is an unmissable book for all Moto Guzzi fans, and indeed motorcycle lovers in general.

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