XTECH say they’re a brand known to Australian riders for providing great value for money motorcycle accessories. XTECH’s latest shipment has just landed and brings their popular front and rear motorcycle stands, cruiser lift stands and tyre change workshop stand back into stock at Cassons.

The single sided swingarm stand has been made to suit most bikes with plenty of different pin options.

The Single Sided Swingarm Stand is available now, XTECH say it is lightweight yet sturdy. Combined with heavy duty wheels and a left side entry, you can pick one up now for an RRP of $109.95. You’ll need to buy a pin to suit your brand of bike but they have that sorted too with plenty of different options.

The simple cruiser lift stand has been made with all cruisers in mind, pick one up for an RRP of $79.95.

The Cruiser Lift Stand has been designed to suit most cruisers. With Height adjustments, a powder coated frame and non slip/non scratch rubber protectors it’s the perfect option for cruiser enthusiasts. You can pick one up now for an RRP of $79.95

The steering head life kit will ensure the front of your race bike has plenty of space to fit tyre warmers on.

The Steering Head Lift kit has been designed by racers to suit most late model popular faired motorbikes. Also with height adjustments, special heavy duty wheels and a power-coated frame, this kit comes with six different pins to ensure its the right fit for your bike. Available for an RRP of $149.95.

The Road Rear Big Wheel stand features pick up forks and L bracket pickup hardware, made to suit bigger tires to ensure a sturdy stand for your bike. You can purchase one now for an RRP of $119.95. Alternatively you can opt for. similar one with a dolly to help move your bike around for an RRP of $149.95.

The tyre change workshop stand allows for tyre swaps to be a breeze. Grab one now for an RRP of $149.95.

The Tyre Change Workshop Stand allows off-road riders to change tyres at a comfortable height. It holds the wheel in place during a tyre change and included in the pack is a bead breaker to make those changes easier. Available now for an RRP of $149.95.


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