The Merlin Heritage Sandon Jacket left a great first impression, and sixth months later it continues to impress on cooler days. Review by Kris Hodgson

Probably the most exciting piece of gear for me this year was the Merlin Sandon waxed cotton jacket. I’m not really into the retro theme most of the time, but this jacket struck a chord, and not just because it was nice and warm through the cooler months. Waxed cotton was a new material for me, but having seen it in action, keeping out the rain, it’s now got a big thumbs up.

Merlin Sandon Waxed Cotton Jacket on the SWM 650 Superdual

Merlin Sandon Waxed Cotton Jacket on the SWM 650 Superdual

It’s stylish (yes, subjective I know) and features a great build quality, with all the features which make for an ideal cold to cool weather option. Pockets are generous and plentiful, so there’s plenty of places to stash your phone, keys and other nick-nacks.

There’s vents in the chest for when it gets warm, and as we head towards summer I’ve pulled the thermal liner out on occasion and still been comfortable on the days above 30-degrees. The regular lining also remains comfortable, without the thermal liner and even when it’s been warm enough to have me sweating, I’ve never felt oppressively overheated.


Yamaha 2


Adjusters at the waist and on the arms allow you to rug up a bit more, while the neck adjuster allows a personalised fit. Just don’t try and get the neck adjuster through the D link with gloves on. It’s not easy!

Merlin Sandon Waxed Cotton Jacker - Olive

Merlin Sandon Waxed Cotton Jacker in Brown (Olive)

Overall this is a nice piece of kit and while it’s probably not something I’d buy heading into summer for the extreme heat we’ll no doubt get, it’s definitely a jacket that’ll do the job three seasons out of four.

The $399.95 asking price may not be the cheapest, but this is definitely money well spent in my mind!

You can find the original review here: Product Review: Merlin Sandon Waxed Cotton Jacket, where it scored a 8.7/10 overall.

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