For the last six years of riding I have used Alpinestars Tech 3 and more recently Tech 7 boots, both of which I thought were good but the 7’s buckle system was much superior to the cheaper 3. Both were a wide fit which suited my footprint and I was happy with the products. Then along came the Sidi X-3 boots.

Sidi X-3 Off-Road Boots - Bike Review

Sidi X-3 Off-Road Boots – Bike Review

Initially with the Sidi X-3s I was a bit dubious, as fit can be a problem, particularly with my wide foot, however as it worked out the Sidi fit perfectly and are comfortable to wear. I had no issues with keeping my socks dry, and the X-3s are a fair bit lighter in weight but seem just as sturdy.

It may just be the set up with my new 2017 KTM 350 EXC F but occasionally I get the top of my right boot “caught” under a side cover which did not happen with my older boots. I suspect the Sidi is a few millimetres taller. I have worked out that by twisting my leg slightly if that happens “frees” my boot.  Also as the boot and side cover wear with age, it happens less and less and in reality is not a concern.

Mark in his Sidi X-3s on his KTM 350

Mark in his Sidi X-3s on his KTM 350

The Sidi X-3 is a good looking boot with an excellent buckle system, light and easy to clean, mine are all black and beautiful! I have found them very impressive so far and comfy for a full day off road including standing around at stops and walking. They are also no problem to get on and off.

While I thought I was happy with the Alpinestars, I would now recommend to seriously consider the Sidi X-3 Boots for my use of enduro riding. They are available in sizes 41-50 in four colours, for $549.95 RRP. For more information see the McLeod Accessories website for their full range or visit your local Sidi stockist. I will give you another update in a few months time – Mark.

Sidi X-3 Off-Road Boots

Sidi X-3 Off-Road Boots

Sidi X-3 Off-Road boot features

  • Suede insert on calf
  • Fixed shin plate
  • Micro adjustable and replaceable buckles
  • Flexible upper boot
  • Reinforced toe area
  • Heel cup is rigid, shock resistant and anatomically designed
  • Inner sole of nylon removable with arc support pad
  • Upper boot made of Technomicro microfiber
  • Teflon mesh liner
  • Grippy rubber sole


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