Yamaha's smallest scooter offering in Australia is the nimble and light D'elight 125 offering a stylish urban commuter.

Switching Yamaha’s Tricity 155 for the smaller capacity D’elight 125 was initially a bit of a shock, but once that wore off, it was easy to see the market this more classically styled run-taround is aimed at.

A fun small capacity scooter offering, the D'elight is available for $3,399 + ORC making for a very reasonable set of wheels

A fun small capacity scooter offering, the D’elight is available for $3,399 + ORC making for a very reasonable set of wheels

Obviously aimed at the more casual crowd, where the larger wheeled scooters are more suited to highway speeds and more performance, the Blue Core 125 powered D’elight makes no claims to this area.

It’s lighter, more nimble and I’m going to say cute, not because I think it’s cute, but because I think that’s probably the tag it’d receive from fans. Vespa-like styling isn’t my cup of tea, but does seem popular, so I can see why manufacturers produce these models, which really hark more towards the old days of scootering (styling wise).

With the small wheels and a wet weight of under 100kg the D'elight is nimble and quick steering

With the small wheels and a wet weight of under 100kg the D’elight is nimble and quick steering

Power is a little down on the 155 Blue Core powerplant, but compared to say the Tricity, the D’elight is exceptionally nimble. Those small wheels make for a very aggressive turn in compared to the same model, and the overall dimensions are small aiding control for shorter riders.

The D’elight now features a 125cc engine and while my test route contains a 90km/h section, it’s something I would avoid. For general riding of up to 60-70km/h the scooter is stable, but pushing to 90+ you really feel the effect of those tiny wheels and short wheelbase.

On the other hand, being so light, the brakes on the D’elight are really commendable and feel exceptionally strong, because they aren’t pulling up nearly as much weight. The linked brakes do mean using the right brake lever takes a fair bit of travel out of the left, but overall there’s lots of power.

The suspension is somewhat limited but again looking for a urban/suburban run-around, the expectation is smooth roads and nothing too quick. This does mean riding onto driveways and over speed jumps can be a bit jarring.




The standard tyres also offered good grip, and even during drizzle with a very wet road surface they never left me feeling nervous, which is a good sign, as this is the kind of value everyday commute that is likely to see all weather use.

For flicking around town the D'elight is a great commuter

For flicking around town the D’elight is a great commuter

The dash is simple, as are the switchblocks and mirrors, and they do the job. Getting the fuel cap open was easy, while popping the seat seemed much harder to do consistently, and I could fit a full face helmet under there, which is a must. Many scooter riders will go the half face route, but both should be catered for if you ask me.

Compared to the rest of Yamaha’s scooter offerings the D’elight feels a bit cheap. And it is. At $3,399 it’s a very affordable option, but that is reflected in a slightly lower level of quality (keeping in mind I’m comparing to motorcycle standard). The indicator switch is a bit ungainly – requiring a central button be pushed to cancel them, the ‘chrome’ around the dash is painted plastic and this is definitely the scooter aimed at those who want cheap, ‘stylish’ transport. There’s nothing wrong with that either.

It further makes sense because Vespa are bloody expensive and would be hard to compete against on their own ground. Offering a far better value option? That just makes sense.

So obviously I think the D’elight is very different than the NMax, Tricity or XMax. But it’s a fun little offering that’ll meet the needs of the right rider. Automatic is easy around town, it’s nimble, tiny and easy to handle and park. If dropped it’ll be easy to pick up. It’s a reasonable buy in and like I said, ‘cute’.

If you're looking for a great inner city commuter for speeds of up to 60-70km/h and nothing more, the D'elight is awesome value

If you’re looking for a great inner city commuter for speeds of up to 60-70km/h and nothing more, the D’elight is awesome value

Yamaha D’elight Scooter Specifications


Price: $3,399 + ORC
Warranty: One-year, unlimited kilometre

Claimed power: 6.2kW@6750rpm
Claimed torque: 9.8Nm@5250rpm
Wet weight: 99kg
Fuel capacity: 5.5L

Engine: Air-cooled, four-stroke, SOHC, two-valve, 125cc, 52.4 x 57.9mm bore x stroke, 11:1 compression, V-Belt Automatic
Gearbox: Auto

Chassis: Backbone frame, Unit swingarm
Suspension: Telescopic forks, 81mm travel, rear shock, 68mm travel
Brakes: 180mm front rotor, 152mm drum rear brake
Tyres: 90/90 – 12, 100/90 – 10

Wheelbase: 1275mm
Seat height: 800mm
Overall height: 1145mm
Overall width: 685mm

Instruments: Analogue speedometer, with digital display




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