The Ventura Aerodynamic Bike-Pack system has expanded its range to include models for 2024 Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400 X motorcycles. Check out the info and pricing...

The much-anticipated Ventura Bike-Pack System is now available to suit your Speed or Scrambler 400. Don’t miss this opportunity to upgrade your Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400 X with this top-notch luggage accessory from Ventura. Release: Kenma Australia.

The Ventura Aerodynamic Bike-Pack system, known for its lightness, stability, and versatility, has expanded its range to include models for 2024 Triumph Speed 400 & Scrambler 400 X motorcycles. This innovative system offers a tailored approach to motorcycle luggage. The core component of this system is its signature L-Bracket. The L-Bracket is specially made for each model of motorcycle, ensuring an exact fit. Moreover, it’s custom designed to enhance each bike’s unique aesthetic. With the Ventura system, you can carry your belongings while maintaining your bike’s sleek look.

The Speed 400 & Scrambler 400 X models, once they are outfitted with L-Brackets, can hold different types of luggage. This is made possible through multiple options like the Pack Frame, the EVO Rack, the Sports Rack, or the Topbox Rack. The versatility of these models is further enhanced by the Ventura system. This system significantly boosts the luggage carrying capacity up to a whopping 102 litres. That’s the equivalent of carrying two Aero-Spada bags that are zipped together!

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But it’s not just about large luggage; the system can also accommodate smaller loads. Its flexibility allows it to carry even a 10-litre Sport-Pack. Therefore, whether you have a lot or a little to carry, the Speed 400 & Scrambler 400 X models with the Ventura system have got you covered.

The Speed 400 roadster joins Triumph’s most successful modern classic line-up, the Speed Twin 900 and 1200 while the Scrambler 400 X takes its rugged design cues from the Scrambler 900 and 1200.

The EVO range is an innovative collection of motorcycle luggage that boasts a unique, versatile, and adjustable EVO Rack. This rack is designed with a sleek look in mind as it doesn’t have a high “loop”. This means it can seamlessly blend with the contours of any motorcycle it’s attached to, enhancing the overall aesthetic. Furthermore, the EVO Rack is compatible with all Ventura L-Brackets.

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This makes it a versatile addition to your motorcycle gear. The rack’s standout feature is its new adjustable mounting system. This system allows the rack to be installed in four different positions on the same bike. This customization means the rack can be adjusted to suit the specific design of the bike and the rider’s personal preference. The EVO range, therefore, offers a unique combination of style, versatility, and customization for motorcycle enthusiasts.

Ventura’s distinctive rack system is designed in such a way that your load stays securely in place, even when riding hard. This ensures excellent stability and peace of mind. The system is cleverly designed to position the load directly behind the rider. This has two key advantages. First, it makes it much easier to maneuver through traffic.

Second, it reduces wind resistance when you’re riding on open roads. This design is significantly more efficient than traditional pannier systems. What’s more, this rack system is part of an impressive range offered by Ventura. The Pack-Rack system is available for over 2000 different motorcycle models, showing its versatility and wide reach.

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