The all-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will be here mid to late February. Here are all the details and pricing from the Aussie virtual launch, full review late Feb early March.

Royal Enfield, the global leader in the mid-size motorcycle segment (250cc-750cc), tonight launched its Meteor 350 to the Australian and NZ motorcycle press. The launch was hosted by Royal Enfield ANZ and Royal Enfield UK and India representatives live online…

Head of International Business, APAC region, Vimal Sumbly, on the all-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350, due here next month.

Head of International Business, APAC region, Vimal Sumbly, on the all-new Royal Enfield Meteor 350, due here next month. Pricing starts from $6,540 + ORC and the bike comes with three-years warranty and roadside assist.

The hosts were Urban Moto Imports CEO Joseph Elasmar, Urban Moto Imports Marketing Manager, Mal Jarrett, Head of International Business, APAC region, Vimal Sumbly, Head of Global Product Strategy & Industrial design, Mark Wells, with appearances from MD Sid Lal and CEO Vinod Dasari. With COVID-19 still gripping the world, the launch was a virtual online affair.

About Royal Enfield Cruisers
Beginning in the 1990s with the Citybike then the Lightning, India’s first highway cruiser, Royal Enfield followed-up in 2002 with the first generation of the Thunderbird. Subsequent evolutions, the 2008 UCE twin-spark Thunderbird and the 2018 Thunderbird X, further defined India’s cruiser segment, combining laidback highway cruising with contemporary city chic. Building on this rich heritage and experience of long distance cruising, the Meteor 350 is all set to take the journey much further.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in making the navigation simple and sharply intuitive with native Google Maps integration” – Sid Lal…

The Meteor 350 inherits its name from another iconic Royal Enfield motorcycle of the 1950’s. Launched at the end of 1952, the Meteor was a magnificent touring motorcycle with a reputation that has stood the test of time. The new Royal Enfield Meteor 350 easy-cruiser, carries Royal Enfield’s signature styling but with many firsts, and is set to be an equally outstanding machine for our times.

Commenting on the launch of the Royal Enfield Meteor 350, Siddhartha Lal, Managing Director of Eicher Motors Ltd, who has been testing the bike himself in Wales, UK, said, “The Meteor 350 is a supremely refined, easy and accessible cruiser. It is a charming combination of classic cruiser styling with modern capability. We wanted to build a motorcycle that could ensure a great cruising experience for new, as well as experienced riders.

“The Meteor 350 is just perfect for that. It is easy, very comfortable with excellent ergonomics, and absolutely enjoyable for long distance riding and highway cruising, while being great within the city as well. The motorcycle’s poise, its agile handling and up-rated braking, result in an unmatched ride experience. The Meteor comes with Royal Enfield Tripper, a convenient turn-by-turn navigation pod.

“We have invested a lot of time and effort in making the navigation simple and sharply intuitive with native Google Maps integration. In a clear manner it gives the rider all the information needed to make the right decision on the road. It is un-intrusive and does not clutter the rider with too many distractions. It is by far the best two-wheeler navigation support. All-in-all, the Meteor 350 is a well-rounded, super refined motorcycle and we are confident that it will bring the golden age of cruising”.

Designed and developed by the talented teams of designers and engineers based at Royal Enfield’s two state-of-the-art technical centres, in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and Bruntingthorpe, UK, the Meteor 350, say Royal Enfield, is an undeniably attractive motorcycle. The quality of refinement – mechanical, fittings and finish – has been raised to a new level to give a truly top-class, modern motorcycle, while retaining the all important Royal Enfield DNA.

With a 349cc air-oil cooled single-cylinder engine, the Meteor generates 20.2bhp and 27Nm of torque at 4000rpm, resulting in an abundance of the low-down grunt that’s a fundamental characteristic of a cruiser. Designed with a balancer shaft, the new platform gives a smooth and well-mannered ride experience, while great care has been taken to retain that essential Royal Enfield ‘thump’.

The throttle response of the electronic fuel injection has been optimised for dependable starting and effortless, linear acceleration. For versatility, the new engine has a 5-speed gearbox, with fifth gear being an overdrive for stress-free and economical highway cruising (top speed is 115km/h), and a 7-plate clutch for easy gear changes in built-up traffic.

The Meteor 350’s twin downtube spline frame has, state RE, been designed to inspire confidence in the twisties, be rock-solid on the highway and easily manoeuvrable on busy city streets. Its low seat height and centre of gravity in combination with its inherent strength and rigidity results in the optimal motorcycle for the urban rider who seeks adventure on long getaways.

Sure-footed handling and luxurious comfort are aided by 41mm forks with 130mm of travel and twin tube emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload at the rear. For the bonafide cruiser experience, the footpegs are forward-mounted, with a heel and toe gearshift.

Making its debut on the Meteor 350 is the new TBT (Turn-By-Turn) navigation pod, known as the Royal Enfield Tripper, a highly focused navigation display device for real time directions, built with Google Maps Platform. The Tripper displays the best route to reach a destination using Google Maps’ two-wheeler navigation, a first for any Indian made motorcycle.

Paired via the Royal Enfield App (soon to be activated in ANZ) to the rider’s smartphone, the Tripper is simplicity itself, clearly and efficiently giving the required level of information whilst remaining  discreet and unintrusive.

The Royal Enfield Meteor 350 will be available in three editions, − the Fireball, the Stellar and the Supernova. The Meteor 350 Fireball, available in vibrant red or yellow single colour fuel tanks and matching wheel rim lining, features blacked-out cycle parts and engine, which is finished with machined fins for added styling.

The Stellar, with contemporary red, blue or matt black tanks and matching body components, comes with chrome handlebars and exhaust plus a comfy backrest for the pillion. The top-of-the-line Supernova, finished in dual-tone blue or brown with matching body parts, is detailed with machined wheels, a choice of premium seats and a windscreen.

All editions are fitted with alloy wheels and tubeless tyres as standard, giving riders convenience and peace of mind, especially on long journeys. For added comfort and an authentic cruiser appearance, a 100/90 – 19 tyre is used on the front and a 140/70 – 17 at the rear. Braking is the most resolute on a Royal Enfield single to date, with 300mm front and 270mm rear discs and dual channel ABS.

The Meteor 350 is part of our strategy to cater to the rising demand for affordable leisure riding in our core middleweight segment – Vimal Sumbly…

The Meteor 350’s head and taillights combine the clean, contemporary look of LEDs with the efficiency and timeless appeal of a well-sorted Halogen headlamp. Uncluttered handlebar controls and switchgear are premium quality, with rotary power and lighting switches giving a gentle nod to the past.

All three Meteor variants come with a new instrument cluster, which combines the timeless elegance of a ‘dancing needle’ analogue speedometer with the functionality of an LCD display for essentials such as gear indicator, fuel gauge, clock and tripmeter. Last but not least, a USB port is discreetly mounted below the handlebars to enable charging on the go.

Jeff interviewing Royal Enfield Head – Business Markets APAC, Vimal Sumbly, in Australia in 2019.

Mr. Vimal Sumbly, Head Business APAC of Royal Enfield, who has tested the Meteor extensively, said, “Royal Enfield motorcycles have received an excellent response in Australia & New Zealand. The new Meteor 350 is the latest in a planned series of new models, building on the enormous success of the 650 Twin models that we launched two years ago and the purpose-build Adventure Tourer – Himalayan. The Meteor 350 is part of our strategy to cater to the rising demand for affordable leisure riding in our core middleweight segment.

“Australia is an important market for us in the Asia Pacific region and it plays a crucial role in contributing to Royal Enfield’s global success. A huge new audience of commuters is upgrading to Royal Enfield’s robust long-distance “leisure riding” experience. Today, Royal Enfield is represented by 32 stores in Australia and 11 stores in New Zealand. As a leisure motorcycling brand, we are not only growing our market share but also mindshare among the motorcycling enthusiasts.”

Vimal added, “Today’s launch of the new Meteor 350 is not just to introduce a new model. It represents another major milestone in our mission to truly inspire the “essence of riding” among motorcycling enthusiasts, new and old. This new model is another proof point of Royal Enfield’s success in appealing to the middle-weight leisure riding market, which stepped up to a new level of performance and quality with the introduction of the 650 Twins two years ago. Today we are delighted to add another exciting chapter in the story of Royal Enfield, which began 120 years ago in 1901.”

The Meteor 350 is supported by a suite of Genuine Motorcycle Accessories (GMA), designed and developed  for it, which can be added when ordering the motorcycle. The range includes functional accessories, such as the passenger backrest, touring screens, luggage options, robust engine and sump guards, as well as classic styling embellishments, including a variety of brushed stainless steel and black powder-coated slip-on silencer options and beautifully crafted touring seats, all of which come with a 3-year warranty. For further individual self-expression, a selection of riding gear, including helmets in complementary colours, t-shirts, and personal accessories have also been developed around the Meteor and cruiser lifestyle.

The Meteor 350 will be available for test rides starting mid-February across all Royal Enfield Stores in Australia & New Zealand. The Meteor 350 will be available at a starting price of $6,540 +ORC for the Fireball, $6,840 +ORC for the Stellar, $7,240 +ORC for the Supernova, all with a three year unlimited warranty. To find your local Royal Enfield dealership click here.

We will be riding the new Meteor late February so stay tuned for the full review…

2021 Royal Enfield Meteor 350 Specifications

Price: From $6,540 RA
Warranty: Three Years.
Colours: Fireball Yellow, Fireball Red, Stellar Black, Stellar Red, Stellar Blue, Supernova Brown, Supernova Blue.
Claimed Power: 20.2hp@6100rpm
Claimed Torque: 27Nm@4000rpm

Single-cylinder, four-stroke, Air-Oil cooled, 349cc, bore x stroke 72mm x 85.8mm, Compression Ratio 9.5:1, Electronic Fuel Injection(EFI), Wet, multi-plate clutch, five-speed constant mesh gearbox.

Frame Type; Twin Downtube Spine Frame
Front suspension: Telescopic, 41mm forks, 130mm travel, Rear suspension: Twin tube Emulsion shock absorbers with 6-step adjustable preload
Wheels & Tyres: Alloy Wheel – 100/90 – 19in – 57P (Tubeless Type), Alloy Wheel – 140/70 – 17in – 66P (Tubeless Type).
Brakes Front 300mm disc with twin piston ­floating caliper, rear 270mm disc, single piston ­floating caliper, ABS Dual Channel

Wheelbase: 1400mm
Ground Clearance: 170mm
Overall Length: 2140mm
Width: 845mm (without mirrors)
Height: 1140mm (without mirrors)/1310mm (with windscreen)
Seat Height: 765mm
Kerb Weight: 191kg (with 90% fuel & oil)
Fuel Capacity: 15L

Dash: Analogue and LCD display with navigation and smart phone connectivity.


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