The Macna Assault gloves are lightweight adventure and enduro style gloves with a slightly heavier construction for more comfortable street riding. Here is our Macna Assault glove review...

The Macna Assault glove is a light enduro style glove that aims to offer street-riding levels of protection, thanks to a construction of goat leather, spandex, synthetic nubuck and neoprene, with Temperfoam knuckle protection, as well as finger and palm protection.

Macna Assault Gloves

What that means is a super-light glove, with great feel and breathability, alongside a reinforced palm including a piece of armour. Being a light glove there’s obviously going to be more limited protection, but as a good all-round option for someone riding to some enduro or trail riding they seem an ideal option.

Leather across the palm with reinforcement obviously does boost the most likely area to come into contact with the road, while the knuckle protection is there too, but I wouldn’t want to go down hands first at highway speeds with these gloves personally –  then I wouldn’t want to do that in any gloves.

A Velcro wrist strap ensures a good fit, with room for adjustability, while I found the Large a bit too small, with the tiniest amount of pinching. In comparison the Fugitive winter gloves also from Macna had a bit of spare room at the ends of the fingers in the same side.

Macna Assault Gloves

Overall the Macna Assault glove is comfortable, light and well designed. You may need to go a size up if the fit is snug without a clenched fist, but for an enduro-style glove with a greater focus on road protection, this is a good choice of glove.

What’s also great is the touch tip ensuring you can use a mobile device without removing your gloves, which is a great thing to have if you’re pulling your phone out for directions or to use as a GPS.

The Macna Assault gloves are $99.95 RRP, which for a quality glove that lasts a few years is a fair price, but long term use is the real test of whether they’ll last multiple seasons. I don’t have any reason to think that wouldn’t be the case.

For more information see your local Macna stockist, or the Macna website at

Macna Assault glove features

  • Goat leather / Spandex / Synthetic nubuck / Neoprene construction
  • Blemburg lining
  • 3D Temperfoam knuckle protection
  • I.S.C. finger/palm protection
  • Touch tip/Ergo Thumb
  • Sizes Small – 3XL
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