It's been six months of daily riding with the Macna Imbuz jacket for Zane. Check out how well it held up, spanning across three seasons of riding... Words and Photos: Zane Dobie.

It’s been six months since I received a care package full of new riding gear from Link International. Since then, the AGV K3 S-V, Macna Individi and Macna Imbuz have become part of my go-to gear when it comes time to throw a leg over a bike.

The Macna Imbuz has been my go-to road jacket for road rides for the past six months.

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The Macna Imbuz Jacket wouldn’t have been the first jacket I’d grab off the clothing rack in a gear store but I’m glad I didn’t let the colour put me off as it has been a seriously good jacket. It’s no secret in a job like mine you often have plenty of jackets to choose from at home, so it’s high praise that the Imbuz has been in just about every bike test I have done since receiving it.

Bright colours to make your presence known to motorists, theres no way they won’t be able to see you in this jacket!

For me, a big factor to why I keep going back to it is the comfort. Putting it on is easy and the jacket as whole feels light even with all the liners in, I’ll often leave it on when stopping on a ride to have lunch or a break. I’ve had plenty of jackets in the past that I seriously cannot wait to take off when the ride is over as they’re super uncomfortable, the Imbuz isn’t one of those. Arm movement is fluid and unrestricted, while there is armour throughout the jacket to protect you, its unnoticeable when moving and twisting in the jacket.

“Arm movement is fluid and unrestricted at all, while there is armour throughout the jacket to protect you, it’s unnoticeable when moving and twisting in the jacket.”

One of my only issues with the jacket is the hood on it, while it looks great it’s useless. When you’re planning to do 110km/h or more, the last thing you want hanging off the back of you is something that’s going to act like a Parachute when it gets air into it. Trust me, when you pick up the pace and you’ve left the hood unbuttoned, you’ll know about it, it feels like someone is trying to lasso you off the bike by your neck. While it does have a button to clamp it down before you head out, there’s no chance of you getting it buttoned up with gloves on.

Another issue with the jacket is it’s not the warmest in wet conditions. As I mentioned in my first impressions of the Imbuz, I rode 10 hours in the rain with this jacket after forgetting my wet weather gear and its safe to say I will probably never forget it again, I was bloody freezing! While it did protect most of my chest and arms from getting wet with the liners in, water still managed to trickle down my back and cause some uncomfortable situations. It’s definetley a Spring/Autumn jacket but maybe not good choice for winter.


Macna Imbuz Jacket Tech
Featuring a strong 500D (denier) Polyester outer shell with a detachable Raintex waterproof membrane, the Imbuz also has a Hoody holder and air vents front and back. You can trust the build quality and safety of the Imbuz with its Shoulder Safetech CE level 2 and Elbow Safetech level 1 protectors and a CE back protector prepared pocket fitted with a 12mm EVA foam pack pad.

Further features include Zipgrip Straps on the waist and cuffs, a coat hanger loop and an Easy Cuff which ensures easy removal of the mesh liner. Available in bright blue with fluoro yellow highlights or green/black with fluoro yellow highlights, the Imbuz jacket retails for $349.95 RRP.

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