Metzeler have just released their latest cruiser tyre. The ME 888 MARATHON ULTRA offers great mileage with a classic white wall look, available now from Cassons...

The new Metzeler ME 888 MARATHON ULTRA  tyres are now available. Metzeler claim they are the best partner for long and safe travelling on cruisers, tourers and their custom versions, offering long life span with a classic whitewall look to them.

Metzeler’s new ME 888 tyre is a great edition to any classic or custom cruiser with white walls included off the shelf.

To achieve these targets, Metzeler say their designers finely combined the specifications which determine the characteristics of tyres: profile, structure, tread pattern and compound. The structure shape features a flat and wide geometry that conveys and dissipates toward the sidewall the stress generated under the footprint, reducing the fatigue and the wear process.

To increase wear regularity, the transversal grooves of the tread pattern are discontinued by ‘compound bridges’, resulting in a more solid and stiffer tread design that reduces the stress transmitted to the belts and carcass plies. Also the edges of grooves are critical areas for wear regularity. ME 888 groove walls have different inclination to ensure the best operating angle in every position.

With safety in mind, Metzeler have made sure to add all their current technology into this long lasting tyre.

The tread pattern of ME 888 MARATHON ULTRA is an evolution of that of ME 880’ with the target to ensure a high level of water evacuation whilst increase wear uniformity across the whole tread. Moreover, a relevant content of silica in the compound ensures chemical grip on wet surfaces.

You can pick up a pair of them from Cassons here for the following pricing. Be sure to check out the 2021 Metzeler Catalogue here.

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Metzeler ME888 MARATHON ULTRA Price And Sizes

  • M2407500 MT90B16 72H FRONT T/L $309.95 
  • M2407600 130/90-16 67H FRONT T/L $299.95 
  • M2407700 130/80B17  65H FRONT T/L $279.95 
  • M2407800 100/90-19 57H FRONT T/L $239.95 
  • M2408500 MH90-21 54H FRONT T/L $269.95 
  • M2718100  120/70B21 68H FRONT T/L $329.95 
  • M2407900 170/80B15 77H REAR T/L $359.95 
  • M2408000 150/80B16 77H REAR T/L $339.95 
  • M2408100 MU85B16 77H REAR T/L $369.95 
  • M2408200 MT90B16 74H REAR T/L $354.95 
  • M2408300 130/90B16 73H REAR T/L $354.95 
  • M2408400 180/65B16 81H REAR T/L $399.95 
  • M2408900 140/90B16 77H REAR T/L $339.95

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