OGIO have just released their latest gear bags for 2021. The Rig 9800 Pro and Trucker bags have been designed to keep your riding gear safe and organised...

OGIO have just announced a few new gear bags to choose from in 2021. The RIG 9800 has plenty of features, even including an MX Boot bag and internal straps or if you’re on more of a budget you can grab the Trucker bag with a tough construction.

The RIG 9800 Pro comes in a bunch of different styles.

OGIO say that the Rig 9800 bag has gotten a facelift and added features with the revamped RIG 9800 Pro. It features OGIO’s MX boot bag and changeable wheel sets as part of the new overall design. The internal tie-down straps will help keep your boots and clothes organised without getting squashed down in the bag while transporting your riding gear.

Combine with this is the Structural Load Equalising Deck (SLED) system that OGIO say increases durability in the harshest of conditions. The integrated foam construction added throughout the bag also offers added protection and durability.

Available now for $439.95.

You can pick the Rig 9800 pro bag up from selected motorcycle dealers for an RPP of $439.95, or you can contact Cassons directly for availability and colour options.

Also in OGIO’s new bag releases is the Trucker back, OGIO say the bag is built tough from the bottom up. The all new Trucker gear bag features four large separate compartments for all your gear and to keep your clean clothes separated from muddy riding gear.

The Trucker bag looks to have plenty of space for all your gear.

The Trucker bag also features a special padded helmet compartment that is accessible from outside of the bag for quick and easy access. There is an eco-friendly PVC-lined boot compartment and a Velcro divider to allow use of the entire bottom of the bag.

You can pick the Trucker bag up at selected motorcycle dealers for an RRP of $264.65. You can also contact Cassons directly for colour option and availability information or head to the OGIO website for more info on the bags.

You can grab one for an RRP of $264.95.

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