With two racing icons and AGV’s Italian heritage of racing as the inspiration behind the brand’s Legends range, AGV has carefully replicated the original helmets worn by Giacomo Agostini and Renzo Pasolini to bring the passion and style of a bygone era in to the current day.

Incorporating the latest materials and premium linings, AGV draws inspiration from these iconic riders and helmet designs to present helmets that are truly modern in terms of ride experience, safety and comfort.

We’ll have a full review on the AGV X3000 up in the next week or two so stay tuned!

AGV X70 'Pasolini' edition

AGV X70 ‘Pasolini’ edition

AGV X70 – The ‘Jet’ Helmet – Pasolini Edition

The original ‘Jet’ helmet had aeronautical origins, hence the name, and was first introduced in the ’50s, and was a significant advancement in technology and safety at the time. As part of the AGV Legends range, the Pasolini inspired Jet helmet, known as the X70, re-embodies the allure of the original’s shape, with modern protection and comfort features.

The profile of the X70 is extremely compact, owing to the three shell sizes, is extremely light weight with its fibreglass construction just as the original was. This helmet features a fully removable and washable interior, double shell fastening and a double D-Ring retention system, and has a wide range of accessories available, including an array of peaks and visors, which attach via three classic press studs.

AGV X3000 Ago edition

AGV X3000 Ago edition

AGV X3000 Helmet – Ago Edition

As the speeds of racers and race bikes dramatically increased throughout the ’50s and ’60s, so did the risk of injury to riders. This progression saw the evolution of the Jet open face helmet and the introduction of the full face helmet. Initially met with skepticism from riders due to its limited field of vision and ventilation, the full-face helmet would soon become the standard for racing and road use.

At the forefront of development of the full-face helmet was AGV founder Gino Amisano, working closely with Italian racer Giacomo Agostini to develop what would go on to be one of the most successful racing helmets ever made; the AGV X3000.

AGV X3000 Ago edition

AGV X3000 Ago edition

The AGV Legends range replicates the original design, reproducing the profile of the original helmet characterised by a low chin guard with a tapered bottom, a detail specifically requested by Agostini in the original helmet design, allowing “Ago” to be comfortable in a tuck position and give him the ability to lie on the tank as if there was no chin guard.

Staying true to the classic design is the visor and mechanism, but both do not compromise current functionality and safety standards. The visor thickness ensures clear vision while providing high levels of protection, and also incorporates a ventilation system that does not impact on the clean lines of the shell yet provides a level of comfort in line with current helmet standards.


An original AGV X3000 helmet advertisement

The range of AGV’s X3000 sees the flagship “Agostini” replica in a Limited Edition alongside a range of graphics all inspired by original AGV racing models from the ’60s and ’70s and popular graphics of the time such as the Super AGV available now in Australia.

The internal linings also receive a modern upgrade, with premium interior materials ensuring fit and comfort of a modern road motorcycle helmet. Accessories available in both tint and iridium visors also allow riders to truly customise the look of their X3000.

The full range of AGV Legends helmets are now available Australia wide. For you nearest stockist visit www.linkint.com.au, or check out the AGV Australia website.

AGV X70 Pasolini - $499.00 RRP

AGV X70 Pasolini – $499.00 RRP

AGV invented the fibre jet helmet back in 1954. Over time it has evolved and been superseded by the safer full-face helmet, though only in the racing world.

AGV X3000 Ago - $999.00 RRP

AGV X3000 Ago – $999.00 RRP

Historic shapes and colors meet modern design. The Legends helmets immortalize riders and achievements that will never be forgotten.

AGV X3000 Helmet

AGV X3000 Helmet

AGV X3000 Super AGV Red/White – $699.00 RRP

Comfort, protection and ventilation are key elements of these helmets that meet today’s highest standards.

AGV X70 Matt Light Grey – RRP $329.00

The X70 re-embodies the eternal allure of the original’s shape, with modern protection and comfort features.

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