Some of the best adventure riding trails in the Shoalhaven Region of NSW were sought out and enjoyed by the 18 riders who took part in the one-day Destination Yamaha Shoalhaven Adventure ride on Saturday 5 December, with plenty of fun on the challenging off-road sections.

Some of the best adventure riding trails in the Shoalhaven Region of NSW were sought out and enjoyed.

Yamaha’s middleweight Ténéré 700 adventure machine made up the majority of the group, with a spattering of WR250Rs, an XT1200Z Super Ténéré, as well as father and son duo Andrew and Ethan Slade on a pair of WR450F enduro bikes to round out the pack.

The day kicked off at Great Southern Motorcycles South Nowra, where Clive Brooks and his staff made sure everyone enjoyed a hearty breakfast before they headed into the bush. Lyndon Heffernan and his team from Detour Trail Bike Tours know the best places to get off the beaten track around the Shoalhaven, and lead rider Chris Cater used his wealth of experience to put together a ride that had something for everyone.

The trails out near Nowra proved to need some teamwork.

Yamaha said that the Ténéré 700s were right at home in the elements, while David Morey on the XT1200Z Super Ténéré revelled in the conditions, showing the best way through sand and water is to maintain momentum.

“I recently rode the two-day Destination Yamaha adventure ride in the same area, which was excellent,” David said. “But the single-day format throws the same variety into one ride, which means your skills improve even quicker,”

The Ténéré 700s made up the majority of the group

A solid eight-hour 270km ride, saw the group pop back into civilisation at South Nowra by late afternoon ready for a well-earned rest and a cold refreshment, but completely satisfied with what they had experienced and accomplished.

“Many of the riders were returning Destination Yamaha customers, so it was great to catch up with the guys again – we were also able to quickly ascertain the skill level of the group and adjust the route to suit, throwing a few technical challenges into the mix – which the guys attacked with enthusiasm. There were a few spots where the riders had to work as a team to get everyone through, and that’s what makes these events special – it brings everyone together for a great time.” Said Lyndon Heffernan of Detour Trail Bike Tours.

Destination Yamaha has looked to be a success despite the COVID-19 pandemic.

More details about this ride as well as other Destination Yamaha experiences can be viewed here.


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