DNA have just released their new high performance airfilter for the Triumph Tiger 900 lineup. DNA claim that fitting this new airfilter to a 2020 Triumph Tiger 900 will increase airflow by 21.58 per cent. The performance airfilter is on sale now for $136.50 RRP.

This filter features DNA’s advanced FCd1 (Full Contour design), part of their secret formula into making their airfilters more effective. With a relatively straightforward Installation of this filter; simply follow the installation instructions included in the Triumph workshop manual with no extra steps compared to a normal service.

The filtering is extremely high at 98-99 per cent filtering efficiency, with four layers of DNA Cotton and the air flow of this new filter set is +21.58 per cent more than the stock filters. Designed for road and off road use the new filter is on sale now for an RRP of $136.50 and can be purchased here or you can ask for the part number P-TR6E20-0 at your local auto parts store or motorcycle shop.

Aprilia Q1

DNA Airflow vs Stock Triumph Airflow

– DNA airfilters’ flow: 183.70 CFM

(Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25degrees Celsius

– TRIUMPH stock filters’ flow: 151.10 CFM

(Cubic feet per minute) @1,5”H2O corrected @ 25ºC


Check out our DNA airfilter installation and testing features here…

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