Fonzarelli have created a video tutorial with the Arthur to help you decide whether switching to electric is right for you. The video highlights how the Arthur’s unique electric features like regenerative breaking and reverse mode work – plus it shows you how to charge the scooter.

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So, what is regenerative braking? The regenerative braking increases range by returning energy to the Powerpack that would otherwise be wasted. It simply engages automatically when brake levers are lightly applied. You can maximise this energy-recovery charge by setting up to come into a stop early, electronically braking gently and only using the manual hydraulic brakes for quick stops.

The Arthur is priced from $3,990 for the 50 through to $6,990 for the 80 and comes in three variations – the 50 (50 km/h – 50km range, $3,990), 65 (65km/h – 50km range, $4,990) and 80 (80km/h – 100km range, $6990). All models are available in five colours and feature regenerative braking technology, impressive acceleration and can be easily charged at home via a standard power plug.

Be sure to check out the entire Fonzarelli Arthur range to find out which version suits your riding style the best.

Fonzarelli have also mentioned that if you order an Arthur this may, you will be eligible for an upgrade of your choice. Upgrades include: a power upgrade, a fast charging upgrade, a surfer kit or a choice between a new helmet or a top-case. Find out more here.

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