The mi-bike Motorcycle Insurance Australian Superbike Championship (ASBK), presented by Motul, is thrilled to announce it is teaming up with GoPro to capture and share the ASBK Championship and ASBK TV. Check out our previous GoPro reviews here…

In this exciting new partnership, ASBK fans will benefit from all new angles, behind the scene perspectives and high-speed action all captured by the ASBK TV team using the GoPro HERO8 Black.

The GoPro philosophy is to free people to celebrate the moment, inspiring others to do the same.

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From cameras to apps and accessories, everything they do is geared to help people capture life as you live it and share these experiences. GoPro believe that sharing our experiences makes them more meaningful and way more fun.

What began as an idea to help athletes self-document themselves engaged in their sport, GoPro has become a standard for how people capture themselves engaged in their interests, whatever they may be. From extreme to mainstream, professional to consumer, GoPro enables the world to capture and share its passion in the form of immersive and engaging content.

GoPro has grown into an international company that has sold over 26 million GoPro cameras in more than 100 countries. But it’s the millions of passionate GoPro users around the globe who bring the magic to life.


ASBK and ASBK TV will be using the GoPro HERO8 Black and professional GoPro accessories such as GoPro Media Mod, GoPro Shorty Mounts, GoPro Light Mod and other specialised mounting accessories to capture and showcase ASBK action on and off track.

ASBK Sporting Director, Simon Maas, said it was fantastic to welcome GoPro to the ASBK.
“To have one of the world’s leading brands partnering with ASBK is testament to the action and talent we have on track,” Mr Maas said. ‘’They are yet another international brand who is joining the line-up of ASBK partners.

‘’I know the ASBK TV team are over the moon to get their hands on the GoPro products and are planning to bring new and exciting vision and feature productions to our ASBK race fans which will be possible thanks to GoPro.

‘’This new vision will be seen on both ASBK Social Media platforms and ASBK TV Live broadcasts during every race weekend, boosted with images and video footage captured by GoPro.

“GoPro are the very best products for our high-speed environment, we can’t wait to get back to the track as soon as possible and get the GoPro HERO8 into action.’’


GoPro’s Senior Marketing Manager Carlos McCarthy said, “We are stoked to partner with the 2020 Australian Superbike Championship and we can’t wait to see the onboard action across the broadcast”.

As part of the new partnership, during the ASBK Livestream and ASBK TV Live broadcasts fans will see GoPro as presenting the ‘’GoPro Action Replay’’, highlighting all the thrills and spills from every ASBK round. Stand by for the action!

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