Super SOCO Australia is extending their exciting promotions across the entire range. Until March 31, customers can get extensive savings on the ride-away price of Super SOCO TC Max (alloy or spoked wheel), CPX and CPX Delivery. Check out the details. Release: Super SOCO Australia.

Make the move towards a greener future with ELECTRIC POWER! For a limited period, you can now save up to $1,300 on the all-electric Super SOCO TC Max motorcycle! Customers can also enjoy a free upgrade to the Fast Charger.

That means that both variants of the TC Max (alloy wheel and spoked wheel), are both $6,990 ride away for a strictly limited time! Plus, get a BONUS upgrade to a Fast Charger valued at $600! Experience the advantages of producing zero emissions, requiring minimal upkeep, and enjoying a peaceful and quiet journey. Transform your daily commute into a more eco-friendly journey with Super SOCO. Terms apply.

“For the price point the Super SOCO TC MAX is really hard to fault. It is a fantastic city urban bike with green credentials, great looks and good handling to match. It is the urban and city environments where the TC MAX shines and I wouldn’t hesitate to own one myself if I was back living in the city.” Mike Cameron.

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Make the move towards a greener future with ELECTRIC POWER! For a limited period, you can now save $1,700 on any CPX from the all-electric Super SOCO CPX Scooter range including the Delivery Smart model! Terms apply.

The CPx has some great features, such as LED lighting, reverse, linked brakes, large 16in and 14in wheels, a screen, USB port, a dual battery capability, centre-stand, a keyless ignition, alarm, wheel lock and riding modes, so it is well equipped and on par with similarly priced scooters in the features area.

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I enjoyed cruising around on the CPx, particularly morning rides to check out my local beaches. It's a fun, comfy and very quiet ride!

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