Simon tests out Five's RFX1 glove, redesigned in 2016 and offering a sport/track orientated glove with premium protection and comfort. Review by Simon Harris, Images: Kris Hodgson

Five understands the relationship between our minds and reliance on our tactile nature, and especially the hands, to engineer gloves that make the fundamental sensation of feel more natural and less dulled.

Better feel means better response, braking, throttle control and sense of safety. Better riding, and absolutely no compromise on the safety features of the glove.

Five's RFX1 Gloves

Five’s RFX1 Gloves

With the Five RFX1 glove there are numerous layers, each using materials that provide specific attributes. When you look closely and really notice the protective inserts on the palm, back of hand, cuff and so on, then you get the gist for Five’s credo for performance and safety.

The palm is goat leather for utmost feel, and the rest, cow leather. You can really feel the difference in suppleness between the two. Further additional leather and padding is provided in key areas of palm, fingers and outer side of the hand. The little finger sleeve is connected to the ring finger by a stretchable component to help reduce those terrible lost pinkie injuries.

Palm view of the Five RFX1 glove

Palm view of the Five RFX1 glove

The gloves are great to wear despite all the safety components sewn into the leather. They feel light on the hands, and do not squeeze the fingers. The goat leather on the underside of the glove and fingers comes into its own regarding sensitivity and flexibility, which is what you want really and what these gloves are about.

I did find that the left-hand glove felt fractionally tighter than the right for some reason. The twin vents on the knuckles do allow air to circulate through the glove, but not enough to make it uncomfortable.

Five RFX1 Gloves on the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso

Five RFX1 Gloves on the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso

Quality is of great importance in the RFX1 – the cutting and stitching is very accurate and there is no loose thread in sight. The base materials are high standard and I would expect a decent lifespan out of them. Styling is suitably trick for an up-market race oriented glove that features a complex design, but will it go with black? I don’t care – I’ll take the gloves, thank you.

For more information see Moto National Accessories for the full Five range or visit your local Five stockist. The Five RFX1 is available from $299.95 RRP. Special thanks to Moto National Accessories;

You can check out the official RFX1 Glove video from Five below.

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