For those after a stylish fitted ladies jean with motorcycling protection, Macna offer the Jenny jean with removable knee armour. Review by Samantha Kimber

When it comes to everyday jeans I prefer a skinny or slim leg style (the kind that are more form-fitting, gathered at the ankle), and have had to make the exception to wear bootcut for motorcycle jeans in the past.

Now this isn’t really an issue for everyone, but if you’re like me and bootcut is not your style off the bike you’ll be more likely to avoid wearing any motorcycle jeans when you’re heading out to meet friends or off to work.

Macna Jenny Jeans, Equator Jacket, Moon Gloves, AGV K-3 SV helmet and TCX Rush Boots

Macna Jenny Jeans, Equator Jacket, Moon Gloves, AGV K-3 SV helmet and TCX Rush Boots

Believe it or not, some people do find it hard to create an outfit out of a piece of functional safety gear. Which is why I was happy when I was given the opportunity to trial Macna’s women’s Jenny motorcycle jeans. Finally, I no longer have to compromise on style and safety – its two in one with these jeans.

Without the knee armour Macna’s Jenny Jeans also don’t look like ordinary motorcycle jeans. I’ve found some women’s motorcycle jeans to be bulky from the reinforced stitching and Kevlar, but with the Jenny Jean they’re stretchy and like a second skin – just what you would expect from an everyday skinny leg jean. The jeans are constructed from a cotton-elastic denim which offers great stretch when riding and I found you didn’t have to pull the jeans up at the knees when sitting as a pillion.

The Ninja 400 offers a nice low seat height for most riders

Macna’s Jenny Ladies Jeans offer a well tailored fit

In terms of sizing these jeans are mid-waisted meaning they sit about the hips. This is lower than you might expect from motorcycle jeans generally but is in keeping with the style and they also offer a zipper at the back to attach a jacket to. The jeans feature a waist lock lite which is similar to a snap button, is an added safety measure adding strength to the waist.

Even though the jeans are a good fit for my hips I’d still wear a belt for added safety. Moreover, with this style of jean the legs are tucked into the boots. I found the length quite good as it meant they stayed tucked when sitting on the bike but they also don’t bunch in your boot or drag on the ground when wearing flat shoes.

Macna Jenny Ladies Jeans (Blue) & TCX Rush Ladies Boots

Macna Jenny Ladies Jeans (Blue) & TCX Rush Ladies Boots

When it comes to safety these jeans are lined with Kevlar at the hips, knees and lower back which I found quite comfortable – not coarse, itchy or hot. The Jenny jeans also feature removable Betac CE knee armour, which I quite like having the option to add in for more serious or longer rides.

The armour is inserted from the outside through a small zipped pocket under the knee. They can be a bit difficult to slot in the first time so some practice is required. Although the knee armour is comfortable when riding of the bike they have to be repositioned for comfort and they make it a tad difficult to take the jeans off if they’re still in place.

Samantha on our Long Term Ninja 400

Samantha on our Long Term Ninja 400 at Top Rider

I trialed the jeans in blue denim. In the coming months I’ll be tracking how the colour holds up after washing as all denim fades over time, but I’d also be interested in a black denim pair if available in the future. The Macna Women’s Jenny Jeans are available from your local Macna stockist, for $299.95 RRP. See the Macna Australia website or Link International for more information.

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