The Macna Myth Jacket offers a basic option for everyday riding, and is reasonably waterproof, here's an update following six months of testing. Review by Kris Hodgson

I wasn’t hugely impressed with the Myth Jacket and it’s still too expensive for what it’s offering if you ask me at the standard RRP, however it’s a reasonable choice for an all-round jacket, if you find one discounted.

Keeping in mind I’m testing from small trips through to 150kms of commuting a day, and the occasional full 10-plus hour day testing, so this isn’t a casual perspective.

Macna Myth Jacket and Iron Pants

Macna Myth Jacket and Iron Pants

Despite seeming simple, it wears well and looks good for my frame. The front zip is good, reliable quality, but in the cold as mentioned before, you’ll feel the cool air coming in. In heavy rain, you’ll also end up with some water entering in the same location, which is a bit annoying. It doesn’t have an extensive zip-under-flap to keep out the air or water, and as a result it doesn’t.

For good weather riders this may not be a concern, but on the colder days I needed a windbreaker underneath to stay warm. It also doesn’t feature vents, so once it gets hot enough your only option is to open the front zip to let the breeze in.


Avon Cobra Chrome


Overall the jacket’s strength to me, is that it looks good worn. The flap under the front zip needs extending in some manner though, and some form of simple foam back protection should really be included. If you’re riding a scooter, inner city commuting, or even perhaps a tourer with enough screen protection this might be less noticeable.

Macna Myth Jacket - Black

Macna Myth Jacket – Black

With the $269.95 price tag, this is a competitive price range for jackets, in my opinion at least, and looking at the Iron Pants which are $299.95 and offer a full featured pant, it’s a bit of a discrepancy.

You can find the full overall original review here: Product Review: Macna Myth Jacket where it received a 6/10 score.

Macna Myth Jacket - Ivory/Black

Macna Myth Jacket – Ivory/Black

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