Simon tests out the Xpd XP3-S boots, which are a Sidi subsidary and top gear. Review by Simon Harris

Xpd is a Spidi subsidiary brand that has proven successful in the market and on track for well over a decade, and for good reason, as demonstrated by the XP3-S boots.

The XP3-S black leather boots I received immediately struck me in positive ways – they are well made, noticeably light, certainly stylish and not bulky or cumbersome. The boots are a leather and synthetic construction, with a focus on safety and comfort in high performance applications.

Simon wearing his Xpd XPS3 boots on the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso

Simon wearing his Xpd XP3-S boots on the MV Agusta Turismo Veloce Lusso

I found the boots quite comfortable off the bat with no hint of wobble, limp or impending corns, so they are, “tick”, accurate with their sizing. Feel against the controls was no extended engagement and I soon felt, without needing to think about position or angle first, my slipping of the lever up and down the ‘box.

The Xpd XP3-S boots arrive at HQ!

The Xpd XP3-S boots arrive at HQ!

Weighting down on to the footpegs in corners felt good, as I could not only feel the ‘pegs against my soles, but a solid framing support to my lower legs, which is advantageous to posture and balance.

Considering the ample physical protection offered by the boots, particularly around the toes, outer edge of the foot, ankle, heel and shin, they do not feel “thick” or chunky and are easy to slip on and off.

The XPD XP3-S boot

The XPD XP3-S boot

The boots are ¾ length with metal YKK zippers enveloped by Velcro fastened flaps that provide adjustment for how close fitting you like it around the legs.  In the toe area is reinforcement that bridges both sides of the upper and provides lever protection as well as a mounting (one screw only required) for the delightfully simple yet uber-fab stainless steel bank sensors.

There is a mesh inner lining for breathing and thermal conductivity along with air intakes on both sides of the shin, and exhaust ports behind the calf and in the heel. My sampling days ranged in temperature from fridge cold to mid-20’s and the boots were excellent in terms of thermal insulation and draft exclusion, and at all times maintained comfortable internal temperatures.

Simon in his Moto National gear - Airoh GP 500 helmet, Five RFX1 gloves, Xpd XP3-S boots

Simon in his Moto National gear – Airoh GP 500 helmet, Five RFX1 gloves, Xpd XP3-S boots

The boots are not waterproof (are any?), however, are designed and constructed to standards of quality and performance that is in no doubt – really nice boots that will provide enjoyment and value for money.

For more information see Moto National Accessories for the Xpd range or visit your local Xpd stockist. The Xpd XP3-S is available in Black in sizes 38-48 from $475 RRP.

Special thanks to Moto National;

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