The Torrot Motocross Two put to the test. We are finding out, two months into our long term review, that the little electric bike is more capable that we first considered...

Last time we caught up about our Torrot Motocross Two, which we will call the MX2, we had assembled the bike, done a few short test rides and we were about to pack up and head off down the South Coast of NSW for a break, where the kids could fully test the bike…

The first thing I will say is just how easy it is to take an electric minibike anywhere. No petrol stench, you can lay it down without stressing over it, and it is very light with the battery removed. So much easier than carting an ICE bike around in the family rig, in our case, a Kia Carnival.

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After years of maintaining and carting around various KTM50SX racebikes and our PW50, it is nice to be able to just pack my MotoHansa Toolbag, some WD40, Chain Lube and a charger! After a week on holidays, I am happy to say the only maintenance the Torrot needed was the chain lubed and adjusted.

The kids rode the Torrot for 5 days straight and it never missed a beat. Luckily we have two batteries to rotate.

It’s not often that a manufacturer gives an accurate EV range or ICE fuel range, but I can 100 per cent say that the Torrot MX2 will consistently do 40-minutes on a battery on a lap loop, and 30-minutes on a battery when being ridden flat-out around a paddock, including a steep climb on one side.

The kids were swapping batteries, then after an hour or so riding, waiting until the arvo and doing it all again. Charge time from dead flat is around 5 to 6 hours, and already we would have approximately 20 charge cycles on the two (so 10 charges each). We run it on full power, all maxed out on the KIDS app.

Connecting the KIDS app to the bike vie Bluetooth has proven to be a pain at times. It will connect, then drop out. We have updated the app and our phones, but no use. Thankfully last time we were in there, we set it to max speed and max power. We will look into this further and get some advice…

Everything else so far has been bullet-proof, and the lads love the bike. Sure, it doesn’t have the top-end of their KTM, but it is quick enough to 40km/h, is quiet so they can ride it early in the morning and the neighbours won’t even know, and the love the size, handling and riding position of the bike.

When we returned from the holiday, we decided to give the bike a service and a good check over, add some preload to the tiny shock (surprisingly good though) and prep the MX2 for a day at the races to see how it was riding alongside KTMs, Huskys and GasGas 50s, plus the four-stroke 110s.

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A good wash, strip down and look over revealed pretty much nothing needed doing, a far cry from what I am used to. Anthony’s 50SX would have needed a piston and ring after the holiday riding, plus clutch fibre plates, and I would have had to change the gear oil twice by now also, plus clean the airfilter.

A little bit if servicing before the next ride, call it a first service. Nothing needed adjusting, not even the spoke tension or head bearings!

Some work before the next ride, call it a first service. Nothing needed adjusting, not even the spoke tension or head bearings!

Next stop was off to the club for a day of riding with the other bikes. I don’t think any of the parents had seen a Torrot before. There have been a few kids come and go in the club that have had KTM electric bikes, but not a Torrot. Most of the parents I spoke to were really impressed at the performance and price, and the fact I was no longer doing what I usually do, like them, work on bikes all day!

The Torrot Motocross Two had no problems at all keeping up and in fact was one of the faster lapping bikes on the small MX track, due to the tractable nature of the bike, long travel suspension, great quality Michelin tyres and the strong brakes. Anthony rated it highly, but wants a little bit more top speed, so we may look at dropping a tooth or two at the back sprocket, we will see…

Overall, success in every way with the Torrot MX2, our first electric motorcycle (we do have a Sherco EB16 balance bike – review here). Next time we will report on how the bike goes on a full race weekend and whether it is going to be Anthony’s main ride for the year, or if he drags the 50SX Senior out….


Price: $4,990 Ride Away (August 2022)
 1500W electric, 48V LiNiCoMn 8,8Ah with BMS integrated (Battery Management System) portable, 48V programmable top speed, power, throttle sensitivity and regeneration, 54.6V 2A battery charger (4 hours). Top speed approx 40km/h+
Chassis: Tubular CrMo steel frame, hydraulic forks non adjustable 95mm travel, DNM gas shock, preload adjustable, 125mm travel, steel swingarm, front and rear hydraulic disc brakes (hand operated both ends), 14 x 1.60in x 12 x 1.85in alloy rims, Michelin Starcross 60/100 – 14(f) and 80/100 – 12(r) tyres, 640mm seat height, 32kg weight, 40kg max rider weight, ABS plastic bodywork.
Performance: 1500w, 48V, 40+km/h

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