Mark has been testing the Pirelli Scorpion Pro F.I.M on his KTM 350 EXC-F. Here is an update... Photography: Heather Ware

These Pirelli Scorpion Pro F.I.M. tyres came to be fitted to my KTM350 EXCF long term test bike in October 2017 and replaced the original Maxxis which were fitted as OEM tyres, lasting only 350km of single trail enduro riding with the back tyre particularly “tired”.

These Pirellis work very well with excellent grip, particularly with the KTM Traction Control. Gnarly hills are much less of a worry with the tyres hooking up easily even with a start half way up a hill. The bike feels both unstoppable and stable now, with this set of excellent Pirellis. I’ve since bought the bike I loved it so much and have been putting more kilometres on the Scorpion Pro, an impressive high level tyre. They are a full enduro competition level tyre and are highly resistant to tears, cuts, and designed to work on dry, wet, mud or sand. The pyramidal geometry of the blocks is designed to give optimal stability while braking as well as self cleaning properties and precision in cornering. Also, the special polyester carcase with nylon belts absorbs shocks and high impact while the compounds are designed to resist wear for long tyre life.

Bike Review's Long Term KTM 350 EXC-F

Bike Review’s Long Term KTM 350 EXC-F fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Pro F.I.M. tyres

So far I’ve found very good traction, which usually means the rubber compound is soft and that means they wear quicker, with these wearing well but after 200km I think wonder if the will give less mileage than my standard “mid hard” Pirelli Scorpions. We will see. More on that next update.

Size & Price: 

Front: 90/90 – 21 $115, 90/90 – 21 H $115

Rear: 140/80 – 18 $155, 120/90 – 18 $149

Benefits highlighted by Pirelli include:

  • High Module Low Shrinkage polyester carcass for regular and large footprint area to maximise traction and braking.
  • Optimised steering precision and traction provided by the small hard knobs on the front.
  • Racing compound for a high performance level for the entire race, regardless of conditions.
  • Winner AORC 2014.

We will update you more with a full test after we get a few more rides in, happy trails! Mark Stenberg.

2017 KTM 350 EXC-F

Bike Review’s Long Term KTM 350 EXC-F fitted with Pirelli Scorpion Pro F.I.M. tyres

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