Moto Guzzi have just announced that they will be bringing back the V7 with an updated look. You can choose between the Stone and the Special depending on your style of bike...

After arriving in 2012 with its new engine, the Moto Guzzi V7 has been updated and upgraded for 2021. Moto Guzzi say the new v7 is faster, more comfortable, better equipped and refined, maintaining all the character that every Moto Guzzi boasts.

The V7 stone will come with amore rugged and minimalistic look.

More than fifty years after the launch of its first unit, Moto Guzzi have presented a new and important evolution in the history of the V7. Moto Guzzi say the revamping is so profound that the progressive numbering in Roman numerals, which had characterised the various evolutions of the model since its return to the market in 2007, is gone. But the character and authenticity remain intact, as these values are destined to last over time and embedded in the genetic code of every Moto Guzzi.

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The V7 is now available in two versions, the Stone which has a minimalistic style and the Special which is a more classic design.  A new Moto Guzzi engine makes its début on the new V7, a close derivative of the one that powers the V85 TT. This is the most recent and modern powertrain built in Mandello, which Moto Guzzi say guarantees better performance and overall greater efficiency in order to provide riding pleasure, fun and reliability.

The V7 Special follows more of a classic look.

It has a claimed 25% more maximum power, going from the previous 52hp at 6200rpm to the current 65hp at 6800rpm. Maximum torque has also increased, going from 60Nm at 4250rpm to 73Nm at 5000rpm, with more than 80% of the torque already available at 3000 rpm.


Compared to the previous versions, the new addition from Mandello is even more complete in terms of equipment, the aesthetic impact of the larger engine, generously sized exhaust pipes in a different layout; and the view from the rear highlights the larger final drive and the wider rear wheel, as well as the more robust pair of Kayaba shock absorbers all complement the new look.

Subtle touches like the Eagle in the headlight really add to the appeal of the bike.

The side panels are new, as is the shorter rear mudguard, Moto Guzzi say these elements which, along with the new exhaust system, give the new ‘eight and a half’ a revamped and more seductive look. New features have been introduced to improve stability and comfort. The frame has been evolved with the addition of steel elements in the headstock area, whereas the new pair of shock absorbers with greater travel and the new, two-tier saddle ensure greater comfort.

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The Moto Guzzi V7 Stone has the new, full LED light system with the headlight that includes a DRL in the shape of the Moto Guzzi Eagle and the new instrument cluster is supposed to fit the design of the minimalist motorcycle, with it being entirely digital on a single, circular dial. The V7 Special maintains the, dual dial analogue instrument cluster (speedometer and rev counter).

The Stone features a single digital cluster.

The V7 Stone is available in three satin-finish colour schemes: Nero Ruvido (Black), Azzurro Ghiaccio (Blue) and Arancione Rame (Orange). While the colour variants of the V7 Special, the version closes to the classic and elegant spirit of the original model, are Blu Formale (Blue) and Grigio Casual (Grey). You can expect to see the new models on the showroom mid next year.

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