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Staff Bikes: Saying Goodbye To The CFMOTO 800MT

By  •  December 27, 2023

It’s been a year already? I’ve taken the 2022 CFMOTO 800MT on just about every terrain it can handle. We’ve had plenty of good times together and saying goodbye …
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Staff Bikes: Wisemans Ferry With The CFMOTO 800MT

By  •  July 20, 2023

I’ve been squeezing in more rides on our long-term CFMOTO 800MT this winter, taking full advantage of the heated seats, grips, and pillion seat. Dressed in my favourite DriRider adventure …
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Staff Bikes: St Albans Loop On The CFMOTO 800MT, Month Five!

By  •  May 18, 2023

After an eternity of uninterrupted freeway riding on the CFMOTO 800MT, I was finally able to exchange asphalt for dirt on one of my favourite solo rides, The St Albans …
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Staff Bikes: Nick’s CFMOTO 800MT, MONTH FOUR!

By  •  April 16, 2023

I’ve been cruising on the CFMOTO 800MT for four months now, and I’ve finally had a chance to test out some of the sweet upgrades I was lucky enough to …
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New Model: 2023 CFMOTO 800MT Explore Touches Down In Aus!

By  •  March 28, 2023

Following the debut of the 800MT adventure-touring range, CFMOTO has raised the bar further for 2023 by introducing a fourth variant to the rapidly expanding range with its new flagship …
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Staff Bikes: CFMOTO BIKEREVIEW 800MT, Month Three!

By  •  March 14, 2023

We’re going on update three now with our long term CFMOTO 800MT and I’ll safely say that my prayers and wishes have been answered. The bike is looking mean, and …
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Staff Bikes: CFMOTO BikeReview 800MT, Month Two!

By  •  February 1, 2023

After a few months overseas, I was itching to get our long-termer CFMOTO 800MT back out on the road and tracks and out of the hands of Simon Harris. …
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Score A Luggage Kit With Your New CFMOTO 800MT Sport Or 800MT Touring!

By  •  January 14, 2023

Until February 28, 2023, customers who purchase either a CFMOTO 800MT Sport or 800MT Touring will also be eligible to receive a free CFMOTO Genuine Accessory three-piece aluminium luggage kit, …
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Staff Bikes: CFMOTO BikeReview 800MT, the first month of many!

By  •  November 24, 2022

CFMOTO continues its assault on the Aussie bike market, this time throwing a hat into the ring to contest the hardcore luxury adventure bike category. Here at BikeReview, we have …
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Limited Edition: 2022 CFMOTO 800MT Sandstone Yellow

By  •  June 28, 2022

Following the extraordinary debut of the all-new 800MT adventure-touring range, CFMOTO Australia has introduced a limited-edition version of the 800MT Touring in a premium-paint ‘Sandstone Yellow’ livery. Get in quick, …
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