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Five TFX2 WP Glove Review | Adventure gloves, Sand Brown

By  •  May 23, 2024

On a recent bike test I had the chance to try out some new Five TFX2 WP advanced gloves. I was looking for a protective glove that would offer good …
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Gear Review: Kaori’s FIVE RFX-1 Ladies Sports Gloves

By  •  January 7, 2024

Ladies sports gloves are a niche within a niche, so finding the right ones can be tricky. Kaori recently started using the FIVE RFX-1 Ladies for her track days and …
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Gear Review: Kyoko’s IXON Ilana EVO Jacket, RS Rise Air Gloves & Bull-It Fury – V Jeans

By  •  June 8, 2023

Kyoko started wearing a new summer set of kit in January, with the IXON Ilana EVO jacket, IXON RS Rise Air ladies gloves and a pair of Bull-It ladies Fury …
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Gear Review: MotoDry Suit, Falco Boots, Five Gloves & Airoh Helmet

By  •  May 8, 2023

Moto National have sent some new adventure riding kit! I put it to the test in some uncomfortable weather here in Aus and in NZ. Check out what I thought …
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Glove Review: IXON RS Tempo Air Gloves

By  •  February 26, 2023

IXON is a well-known brand in the motorcycle clothing industry and offers a wide range of gloves for different types of riders and weather conditions. One of the most popular …
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New Products: IXON IT-Yate EVO Gloves

By  •  June 6, 2022

Discover the smart and connected Heated glove for riding comfort with no limits. IXON embeds clim8 technology to offer you the only smart and connected heated glove that knows when …
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Gear Review: Macna Talon RTX Gloves

By  •  July 27, 2021

Simon has been using the Macna Talon RTX gloves for seven months now and they are a pretty versatile anytime glove outside of the depths of winter. He has worn …
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New Product: BMW 2-in-1 Tech gloves

By  •  April 23, 2021

We’ve got a set of trick BMW gloves for review over winter, the 2-in-1 Tech gloves are jam packed full of features. From GORE-TEX to keeping one finger able to …
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Gear Review: AGV K6 & Macna Chicane Gloves, First Impressions

By  •  April 22, 2021

Getting a new helmet is like waking up on Christmas morning. If you’re a regular rider then it’s an exciting time, especially when you get to test out one of …
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New Product: Macna Atmos Summer Riding Gloves

By  •  December 11, 2020

Macna say the Atmos gloves combine summer riding comfort with a high level of ventilation and safety features, so if you’re riding in the heat you don’t have to sweat …
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