Rider education books are few and far between and many of the current popular ones go back to the early '90s! Complete Rider is current, locally produced, and costs $35 RRP. Here is our review...

It’s been quite a number of years since I read a rider education book. In fact, it would have to be a decade. I’ve read the Twist of the Wrist series (who hasn’t?) but to be honest, even in my job, I don’t see too many genuinely good rider education books land on my desk these days…

When I was made aware of Complete Rider, I was genuinely excited. Not only because it’s written by an Aussie plus printed and designed here, but also that it’s new, modern and not just another updated book from back when bikes had drum brakes, carburettors and 100hp was out of this world!

Finally, a new education book with online options, for the new generation and for experienced riders. I’ve been reading it now for a few months on and off and still have plenty to go, probably a third of it, but I can confidently write this review on it… I’ve been picking it up every other day and learning more.

Not just another updated book from back when bikes had drum brakes, carburettors and 100hp was out of this world!

I’ve found rather than read it front to back, I’ve been perusing the brilliant index, finding a subject I’m interested in (even Plexus is there, man, I love that stuff it is the best!), then reading that section or some of it, jumping forwards and backwards through the book. I do the same with workshop manuals… Which I admit to reading in the little spare time I have! It also makes a great rider reference book.

There is humour hidden throughout Complete Rider, which always lightens up the read with anything technical. An example is under T in the index, you can find Tom Cruise listed… Page 105 (drop down visor info) and then further along you will find Wankersee Tom Cruise… Ha!

That stuff will make you laugh. I also related to it as, like the author, the first time I saw a drop down visor I thought you would have to be a wanker to wear a helmet with one… and now I have about three helmets with them and love them! It’s called getting old, I’m told.

Seriously, though, there is plenty that ANY rider can learn from this book. I always say that as riders we never stop learning. I was an A Grade racer for 20-years, competed 413 times, been a full time bike journo since 2001 and have tested over 1000 bikes and I still learn something new every week at least. I love learning new things to apply to my riding. Some work out, some don’t, but I always try!

I’ve always had a terrible ‘Risk versus Reward’ meter, and have found some great points in Complete Rider to remind me of this and hopefully address it. On the other hand, my ‘Anticipation’ meter has always been my get out of jail free card… But I have still picked up a few things there in the book. It’s easy to pick up bad habits and sometimes it takes a third party to wake us up to our shortfalls…

For experienced riders, there is plenty in here to help you iron out some old creases and even prompt you about things you may have forgotten. The author is super experienced and understands that us long term riders do not always like to be told better ways to do something we have been doing for years. Fair enough, but he will offer an alternative and back it up with reason and proven testing.

The newbies will get huge gains from Complete Rider. It covers everything and anything and will truly help you on your journey and be a bike bible for you for many years as you continue to develop as not only a rider, but as a motorcycle owner. There is info on riding gear and bike maintenance that will help you no end and drills at the back to help you practice your riding and apply some of the techniques…

Complete Rider is a big book. It is not a quick guide to riding. You need to take your time to read and study it, think about the things you pick up and apply them to your daily or weekend riding, have a think about them then move on to the next section, or choose one that you think you need to read to help address a riding issue you are currently experiencing. As mentioned, it’s a good reference guide for experienced riders and a great learning tool for new riders.

To buy Complete Rider, purchase a course or visit the YouTube channel click here

It’s a road riding guide – something that is very important as it is not adapted from a racing book or racing skills, which are completely different to the street in so many ways. For me, over the past few decades as a bike journo and a bike racer, I often feel like two completely different people who ride totally differently – one road rider and one track rider.

It’s like I have a mental switch between the two. There are not that many track skills that apply to the road and it goes the other way, so a dedicated road book is important… Another area I found very good was the Human Factors chapter. It’s so easy to forget how one small bad choice can impact our lives until it is too late. My injuries over the past few years are testament to that… I have a bad habit of riding when I have a lot on my mind, which leads to mistakes. Complete Rider helped me address this issue.

Complete Rider is available for Left and Right side of the road countries and written accordingly. It is also available as a digital edition. There is an online course, which involves the author presenting the book and with bonus quizzes and a digital edition. The website (below) has these available.

Complete Rider is split into five sections – The 3 Essential Bike Handling Skills, Interaction (Roadcraft), Human Factors, Our Stuff (Gear and Maintenance) and Drills. There are 11 Chapters, with great illustrations throughout, as well as QR codes that you can scan and ‘find out more’ for example watch the YouTube clip related to the content.

Highly recommended for all riders. Visit the Complete Rider website for more info and to order yours!

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