Nick has been living with the mighty little CFMOTO 450NK for two months now, battling crap weather but still getting in some decent rides. Here is his second update, and a link to his full test.

Nick’s been riding the CFMOTO 450NK for a few months now, the new LAMS-approved naked. The bike is great value for under $8,000, and while he waits for his CFMOTO 800NK, he’s been putting in some kilometres on the 450, but he only just fits on it!

These first few months with the CFMOTO 450NK have been a bit of a rollercoaster with the rain and damn near freezing temps, but I’ve managed to get out on a few decent little rides! The endless rain is frustrating, but those few sunny days are a total blast with this little bike. Gym commutes happen when I’m feeling lucky about the forecast, but rain gear is always packed just in case.

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I’ve been seeking out the curviest backroads I can find around the Central Coast, NSW, where the 450NK comes into its own quite nicely. That 449cc engine has enough punch to keep things interesting without being scary fast. The gearbox has really loosened up nicely and the clutch feel is spot-on, making this machine super easy to ride.

I’m impressed with the tech package, especially for the price point. The TFT dash is cool, and the CFMOTO RIDE app is surprisingly handy for checking stats. You’re able to check ride times, distances, maximum speed and instances of rapid acceleration, deceleration and lean angles. It’s also pretty wicked. I can simply log in and check the fuel in the tank. Best part? Remember when Jeff had it for a week earlier in the year? I kept getting notifications while sitting at work to slow down and watch my revs – hilarious!

Sadly, comfort is the 450NK’s biggest weakness, especially for a taller rider like myself at 197cm and 110kg. The sculpted fuel tank digs into my stomach and crushes my nuts, and the aggressive leg angle leaves my knees aching after anything more than an hour or so in the saddle. Nakedbikes are a hassle on the freeway at the best of times with the wind buffeting, so a god stretch at times helps anyway. My commute is 200km return each day, not exactly what the 450NK is designed for! The stock tyres are surprisingly decent in dry conditions but I’m still not quite impressed with performance in the wet. If the plan was to keep this bike a little longer, a new set of hoops would be in order.

On the bright side, I’ve been digging into aftermarket upgrades, and there’s some tempting stuff out there. I’ve seen a high-flow DNA airbox lid and airfilter from KENMA that claims to improve throttle response and even add some horsepower. For the exhaust, there are some budget-friendly knock-off systems online, but if you’re serious about performance, Vandemon Performance makes what appear to be some awesome full systems for other CF models – maybe they’ll release one for the NK soon? It’s worth keeping an eye out.  And for practical protection, there are some good-looking aluminium radiator guards and engine crash bars available too. Knowing CFMOTO, though, their spares corner will know doubt be offering some nice genuine upgrades for this bike.

Overall, the 450NK is a blast so far. I’ve got another month on this loaner, so I’ll be making the most of it, sore knees or not. I’m not doing the upgrades myself this time around, but if you own one or are thinking about it, check out the aftermarket options.  A few tweaks could make this thing even better.

2024 CFMOTO 450NK Specifications

Price: $7,790 rideaway
Warranty: Three years/unlimited kilometre
Colours: Nebula Black or Nebula White
Claimed power: 37kW@9500rpm
Claimed torque: 39Nm@7600rpm
Wet  weight: 179kg
Fuel capacity: 14L
Fuel Consumption Claimed: N/A
Fuel Consumption (measured): N/A

Engine: Liquid-cooled, four-stroke, parallel twin, DOHC, 270° crankshaft, 449.9cc, 72 x 55.2mm bore x stroke, 11.5:1 compression, Bosch EFI. Gearbox: 6-speed with CF-SC Slipper Clutch

Chassis: Chromium-molybdenum alloy steel frame
Rake: N/A degrees Trail: N/A
Suspension: 37mm USD fork, 130mm travel (f), Multi-link central single rear shock, adjustable spring preload, 130mm travel (r)
Brakes: J Juan four-piston radially mounted caliper, single 320mm floating disc, ABS (F) Single-piston caliper, 220mm disc (R)
Wheels & Tyres: 110/70 R17, CST ADRENO HS, 150/60 R17, CST AS5

Wheelbase: 1370mm
Seat Height: 795mm
Ground Clearance: N/A
Overall Length: 2000mm
Overall Width: 810mm
Overall Height: 1130mm

Instruments & Electronics: 5in TFT colour display, CFMOTO T-Box, CFMOTO RIDE App, BOSCH 9.1 ABS, LED lighting. 

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