Gaerne have released the latest in their race boot technology. The GP1 Evo boots are made from plenty of premium materials including magnesium and carbon composite...

Gaerne have released the latest in their race boot line-up, the GP1 Evo. Made from lightweight materials and a comfortable yet sturdy structure, the GP1 Evo boots are perfect for those who are looking to upgrade their racing boots for some time out on track.

You can pick the GP1 Evo’s up in two different colour schemes for an RRP of $599.95.

Gaerne say the GP1 Evo is the ultimate racing boot from their research centre, developed in cooperations with professional riders. The floating system allows the foot to move naturally and prevents ankle twisting while the rubber inserts on the inner calf and heel provide additional grip while protecting the leg from heat.

Made of carbon composite, the GP1 evo is lightweight and strong, the carbon composite also allows the foot to move without compromising flexibility and prevents hyper extension or compression. Along with the premium materials is a high-wear resistant magnesium toe slider to ensure that the boots will last you a long time.

There is plenty of technology packed into these boots to keep you comfortable and safe while out on the track or on the road.

A non-deformable polyurethane heel cup has also been added, this is protected by that replaceable low-friction magnesium slider. The anti-shock heel feature an internal comfort enhancing decompression zone, located between the inside and sole.

If you’re interested in the GP1 Evo boots, you can head to the Gaerne website here. If you are interested in purchasing a pair, contact Cassons and they will find a store that stocks them near you or direct you to an online purchasing system.

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