The Yamaha Ténéré 700 has a massive front screen, but for the taller riders it can fall short. Motopressor have just released their new screen adjuster that gives and extra 80mm of height...

The new Motopressor Screen Adjuster for the 2019 and on Yamaha Ténéré 700 has just come into stock at Pro Accessories Australia. The screen adjuster has been made with tall people in mind, giving a big adjustment over the stock height and keeping the wind out of your face.

Pro Accessories say that this kit will give you 80mm of adjustment over the stock screen, in the raised position the difference in ride comfort is remarkable. They also claim that the wind noise reduction is very noticeable and airflow underneath your screen reduced the vacuum effect, creating smoother airflow and reducing turbulence.

In the lowered position, the screen sits at the same height as stock so if you’re looking to lower your screen, you will need to seek a different modification.vTo Adjust the screen its as easy as loosening the thumb nuts, sliding it into position and re-tighten the thumb nuts, with no tools being required.

The screen adjuster comes in a simple to install kit.

The screen adjuster is available now for an RRP of $89.95 from selected motorcycle dealership or you can contact Pro Acessories Australia directly for information on the stock of it. Check out the installation video above to see just how simple of a modification this adjuster is.


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