Link International has been busy building a dedicated TCX Boots Australia website since its appointment as the exclusive TCX distributor for Australia earlier this year.

Link International’s Apparel Division Manager, Don Nicholas announced the new website, “Here at Link we have a great Business to Business and End-User website which has traditionally concentrated on hard parts. Now we have an apparel division, which includes iconic brands such as AGV and TCX, we’ve decided to build individual websites for the division’s brands.

“We have a very talented design team in-house and the new TCX site looks great, is full of information and will carry not only product information and retail pricing but has a dealer locator area, a lot of technical detail on the safety aspects of the various boots and, of course, a news area to let everyone know about not only new products but other items of interest such as the results and thoughts of our sponsored riders,” concluded Nicholas.

TCX Boots Australia website launched

TCX Boots Australia website launched

The website is available for all to see at

Other Link International websites are

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