Link International is pleased to celebrate 4 championship class wins to Pirelli riders along with multiple podiums and new lap records as part pf the 2016 YMF Australian Superbike Championships presented by Motul Pirelli.

Troy Herfoss, 2016 ASBK Champion

Troy Herfoss, 2016 ASBK Champion

In the Superbike Class, Crankt Team Honda Racing’s Troy Herfoss claimed the 2016 Superbike Championship, racing on Pirelli Diablo Superbike tyres. Troy’s most popular choice for this year was the development SC1 1699 120/70R-17, and development SC0 0377 on the rear 200/60R-17.

Five of the top 10 Superbike riders chose Pirelli, including Privateer Brayden Elliott, New Zealand Champion Sloan Frost and 2015 Champion Mike Jones aboard the Desmosport Ducati.

Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion

Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion

In the Supersport Class, Troy Guenther claimed the championship win for Pirelli, racing on Diablo Supercorsa SC1 front 120/70ZR-17 and SC1 180/60ZR-17 rear on most occasions.

2nd place was taken by another Pirelli privateer rider in Sam Clarke from Western Australia, with Pirelli riders filling more than half of the top ten rider positions at the completion of the Championship.

In the inaugural R3 Cup class, Queensland Privateer rider Zac Levy won the Championships racing on Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa SC1 110/70ZR-17 and 140/70ZR-17 SC2 rear.

This combination saw the vast majority of privateer riders choosing Pirelli, with new lap records set at each new venue for this exciting Production based class.

In the Production Up to 300 Class, Pirelli Diablo Supercorsa again showed its race performance with dominant results across the class, including 2016 Championship winner Drew Sells, 2nd placed Hunter Ford and 3rd placed young rider Callum Alderson for a 1-2-3 Pirelli finish to the season.

Tyre of choice for this class again proved to be Diablo Supercorsa SC1 110/70ZR-17 and 140/70ZR-17 SC2 rear.

In the Production over 300 class, the top performer for Pirelli was Callum Alderson on his R3 finishing in 2nd place, followed again by many young privateer riders choosing Pirelli.

Across the 6 round Yamaha Motor Finance Australian Superbike Championship, Pirelli riders achieved a total of 12 new Qualifying Lap records in 2016, as well as 12 new Race Laps records across all classes in season 2016.

Mike Jones, DesmoSport Ducati, 2016 ASBK

Mike Jones, DesmoSport Ducati, 2016 ASBK

In the Pirelli Superpole for the Superbike class, Pirelli riders achieved success with 4 out of a possible 6 Superpole wins going to riders who chose to race on Pirelli Diablo Superbike or Diablo Supercorsa tyres.

Don Nicholas – Product Manager at Link International – “My congratulations and thanks to Troy Herfoss, Troy Guenther, Drew Sells and Zac Levy and their teams on their respective Championship wins racing with us in 2016.

It has been an exciting years racing, and we have been able to show the true performance of the Pirelli Diablo Superbike and Diablo Supercorsa tyres, direct from the World Superbike Championship and made available to all Aussie ASBK riders.

We thank all riders and teams who chose to ride on Pirelli at club, State and national level in Australia this year, and look forward to introducing some exciting new tyres along with new rider initiatives to the mix for the Australian Superbike Championship in 2017.”

Troy Herfoss, 2016 ASBK Champion

Troy Herfoss, 2016 ASBK Champion


  1. Troy HERFOSS (NSW) 255
  2. Glenn ALLERTON (NSW) 238
  3. Wayne MAXWELL (VIC) 233
  4. Cru HALLIDAY (VIC) 165
  5. Mike JONES (QLD) 163
  6. Brayden ELLIOTT (NSW) 153
  7. Daniel FALZON (SA) 151
  8. Jamie STAUFFER (NSW) 146
  9. Sloan FROST (NZ) 121
  10. Ben BURKE (NSW) 114
Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion

Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion


  1. Troy GUENTHER (QLD) 239
  2. Sam CLARKE (WA) 231
  3. Luke MITCHELL (NSW) 218
  4. Callum SPRIGGS (QLD) 196.5
  5. Ted COLLINS (VIC) 146.5
  6. Nic LIMINTON (SA) 145.5
  7. Ben BLYTH (VIC) 138.5
  8. Robbie MENZIES (QLD) 120
  9. Chris QUINN (NSW) 110
  10. Mark CHIODO (VIC) 81.5

R3 Cup

  1. Zac LEVY (QLD) 317
  2. Hunter FORD (NSW) 281
  3. Callum ALDERSON (VIC) 274
  4. Aidan HAYES (NSW) 232
  5. Michael KING (WA) 220

Production up to 300

  1. Drew SELLS (VIC) 303
  2. Tom TOPARIS (NSW) 289
  3. Sam CONDON (NSW) 257
  4. Justin HALL (NSW) 245
  5. Reid BATTYE (NSW) 197

Production Over 300

  1. Brandon DEMMERY (NSW) 323
  2. Callum ALDERSON (VIC) 311
  3. Aidan HAYES (NSW) 256
  4. Jack DAWES (NSW) 226
  5. Ty LYNCH (SA) 159
Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion

Troy Guenther, 2016 ASBK Supersport Champion

Pirelli Motorcycle Tyres are imported and distributed exclusively in Australia by Link International.

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