Following the recent announcement of its all-new gasoline & hybrid SxS and ATV range, Segway Powersports has appointed Urban Moto Imports (UMI) as the official Australia and New Zealand distributor of Segway Powersports off-road vehicles.

The Segway Snarler is just one of their many off-road vehicles.

Founded in 1999 by Dean Kamen in USA, Segway is a brand held in high esteem in the technology space for its innovation, high build quality and testing methodology. The new range is ultimately a brand new platform of gasoline & hybrid powered vehicles including All-terrain Vehicles, Utility Side by Side and Sports Side by Side models, with thrilling power outputs of up to 250Nm and 181hp.

The Segway Powersports range is also equipped with the very latest in technology and safety features, meeting and exceeding the current government standards for all-terrain vehicles. This includes mobile phone integration, SOS alerts, remote controlling, drive settings, data and EPS system that is designed with standard,comfort and sport modes that will adjust automatically according to traction conditions.

The Fugleman looks like it has been made to be a helping hand around a farm or large property.

“We are excited by this opportunity and pleased to be offering our customers in the region a brand which is not only innovative in its approach, but also using technology to increase safety, security and a satisfying experience for the end-user in this segment…. Media events, field days, shows and customer experience days are currently being planned and scheduled for 2021,” stated Joseph Elasmar, Urban Moto Imports, CEO.

UMI is a company which has distributed a number of road and off-road motorcycle brands in the ANZ region for the past decade, using a proprietary B2B system matched with strong after-sales support and marketing strategies. UMI is set to establish Segway Powersports products in the region by delivering a rewarding and exciting experience for recreational customers, those working on the land and the off-road market.

The Villain sits in the ever growing sports side by side market.

“Segway Technology Co., Ltd appoint Urban Moto Imports as our exclusive distributor for Segway Powersports products in Australia and New Zealand. As Segway Powersports forges a new path in hybrid All-Terrain Vehicles, we are confident that UMI is the perfect partner to establish the brand in the important ANZ region. We look forward to working with UMI to establish the Segway Powersports brand as a key player in All-Terrain Vehicle industry.” – Mark Zhu, Segway Technology Co., Ltd, CEO.

If you are interested in becoming a dealer for Segway Powersports, you can enquire here to register your interest in selling their products.

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