Heather has been out testing the new RJAYS Pace Airflow jacket. Tailored to women, this jacket will keep you from overheating and safe out on the bike in summer. Words: Heather Ware..

Last summer I got a new RJAYS Pace Airflow jacket to replace my older RJAYS jacket that I had owned since we had Rapid Bikes magazine. The Pace Airflow is much more stylish and comfortable than my old jacket, and was great over summer and autumn. Here is my review. 

I find the jacket to be very comfortable, and I haven’t removed the armour, as it fits well, particularly around the shoulders with the shoulder cups. They also don’t make me look too much like an American footballer! The foam rubber back protector fits well and I leave that in unless I wear a seperate back protector, in which case I remove the RJAYS one. The elbow armour is quite solid but fits well, too, and the arm length is just right for me (I’m a size 14 jacket, and I am 167cm tall), with the velcro wrist closures great and the wrist area soft and comfy from new.

I love the look and style of the jacket, with the pink highlights, but it isn’t too girly looking. It’s stylish and a nice and snug fit, yet has room for boobs and other lady curves that men’s jackets just either squash or move! It has a handy hanging hook, too, and a pant zip, but I haven’t used that one. There is no loop fastener for clipping the back of the jacket to my jeans, which would be nice, as that stops jackets from riding up at the back…

Pockets comprise of a large mesh internal pocket on the right-hand side, two front pockets, and two internal pockets on the winter liner, one says Phone but doesn’t fit any phone I can find, and the other fits a phone. All pockets either zip closed or velcro and are easy to get too, the only down-side is that the waterproof liner has no internal waterproof pocket, so you need to carry a ziplock bag.

Warm weather ventilation and comfort is brilliant and the jacket is a summer jacket, however, I have worn it in cooler weather and even dry winter days, with no issue, thanks to the wind and waterproof liner and the thick seperate winter liner. It does get a bit tight with all that zipped in, but there are waist adjusters and arm adjusters to make it more comfy, you just loosen those off.

All up, I really rate the RJAYS Pace Airflow ladies jacket and hope to get many more years out of it. After two summers and another full year out of it, and having washed it twice, it still looks brand new and isn’t showing any signs of wear. Jeff’s Pace Airflow has done we estimate about 20,000km so far as well and is also looking brand new after a wash. Nick and Kirsten’s RJAYS gear is also wearing extremely well, you can read Kirstin’s ladies RJAYS review here.

RJAYS Pace Airflow Key Features

  • Out Shell: Nylon T20 & Abrasion resistant mesh.
  • TPU impact resistant Shoulder cups.
  • CE Level 2 armour in the shoulders & elbows.
  • Foam rubber back pad.
  • Removable waterproof & breathable liner (15,000mm/5,000mm) with mesh comfort lining.
  • Removable 100g Thermal lining.
  • Mesh comfort liner with multi panel construction for comfort.
  • Strategically placed stretch panels for comfort & manoeuvrability on the bike.
  • Sports performance comfort collar.
  • Multiple adjusters for a personalised fit.
  • Microfibre comfort cuff.
  • 2 outer & 3 inner pockets.
  • Reflective print for low light visibility.
  • Waist connection zip for pants.
  • RRP $299.95

The RJAYS Pace Airflow has been a popular choice for women after a correct fitting jacket. Not only this, you’re also backed by a trusted brand and a textile layout that’ll keep you safe and cool while you’re out on the road…

Check out the latest RJAYS Australia catalogue here…

Starting with the inside, the Pace Airflow jacket has two removeable liners to ensure that you’re not overheating on those warm Australian days and vice versa. The waterproof liner is just a zip away from keeping you dry during those sudden downpours.

The jacket features nylon T20 and abrasion resistant mesh mixed with CE level two armour across the elbows and shoulders. Combined with the foam rubber back pad and the TPU impact resistant shoulder cups and you’ve got yourself a safe jacket if you find yourself sliding down the road…

The fit has been personalised for women but the large number of adjusters across the jacket means it suits a wide variety of body shapes. The adjusters can be found throughout and allow the Pace Airflow jacket to have a snug fit on the waist and arms. A waist connector means you can pair the jacket with some RJAYS pants for a one-piece getup.

Cassons currently have the RJAYS Pace Airflow Women’s Jacket distributed throughout Australia for an RRP $299.95. Head into your local motorcycle store to check out all the different colours and sizes!

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